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  • PBOL PBOL Feb 9, 1998 3:04 PM Flag

    Now they gonna upgrade stock.It's just n

    is that there is usually a hot stock behind them.
    I just hope it gets to 115 so I can make money on my straddle.
    My plan... sell calls about 2:30 (~117) and hope the stock drops so I can sell my puts for gravey. Man, glad for that straddle.

    Hey did Compuserv ever make money?

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    • I am not short. But I did by MArch 105 puts today.
      THe reason for this rally:

      1)$2 hike. THis will NOT contribute to earnings. Chase said this hike was for increased networking costs. Looks like many
      have missed this piece of news. Article from Reuters.

      2)Short Covering. Those who shorted since the 60's are covering
      thus jacking up the price more.

      3)Suckers caught up in the frenzy of momentum investing.

      Wait for the news tomorrow.


69.78-0.52(-0.74%)Nov 27 1:02 PMEST