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  • Tarantino_398 Tarantino_398 Feb 11, 1998 12:34 PM Flag

    My 2 cents

    Just wanted to say I think this company has its head up its ass with this online pricing increase. The service is slow and was already overpriced before they rose the price again.

    -An ex customer

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    • . . . and their attitude on boradband access. The
      news was not, unexpected, however. I'd look for a
      bottom abound 140 and buy.

      There will be a
      mismatch of orders to short at open-- but it won't last,
      because the news waas not unexpected.

      AOL now has
      the green light to amke a cable acqisition, if not
      ATHM, then maybe someone bigger. AT&T beat them in the
      race to get ATHM, but how far behind AOL is AT&T
      network? How much original content do they have?

    • INTC's numbers were good but the forcast for the
      future was dull. Isnt it amazing at how this market gets
      so much on edge. Let me explain, the market freezes
      for about 15 minutes on Monday because of CPQ future
      report of it's past earnings quarter. Today Intc
      announces it's past earnings quarter was good but the
      future is dull. Granted I can understand that the future
      is why we purchase stocks. The question is how far
      ahead is each persons future? I suppose if you are
      retiring in the next six months, Id be concerned. But me,
      I dont retire for another 30 (hopefully less)
      years. I own quite a few shares of AOL right now and if
      over the next few months it dips, Ill buy more. The
      real question is, will AOL grow my money over the next
      10-20-30 years? Will their business grow? I think Yes. Oh
      sure you can try and time the market but as for me Im
      just going to hold on. I dont own any INTC or CPQ but
      if they put the price on sale, Img oing to be
      interested. I agree over the next 6 months into 2000 things
      will be shakey but I look at it as an opportunity,
      Dont let opportunity pass you by, how many times has
      it in the past?

    • AOL - $240 presplit June'99

      ICOM - $5.5

      Please investigate ICOM. Leading edge superior products
      for the next internet wave. Chosen by Phillips for
      Sidney2000 Olympics.
      Excellent opprotunity to get 10fold
      increase over the next 6-9months.

    • This is amazing, AOL sells $400 PCs.
      It gets
      better every day.
      Steve Case said he is committed to
      create the world's best company. He is right on his
      AOL share price to $350 until dec 99!!!
      Buy as if
      there is no tomorrow, that's right!

    • an ass. His only interest in high speed internet
      connection is to use it as a political platform. I trust
      John McCain about as far as I could throw him.,4,35079,00.html?

    • providers that AOL will aquire, @HOME, Time
      Warner? I don't think so. @Home's CEO hates Steve Case
      and Time Warner and @Home will eventually merge.
      Who's left maybe Media One?


      ISPs get bad reception at cable hearing
      Bloomberg News
      Special to CNET
      April 13,
      1999, 5:30 p.m. PT

      WASHINGTON--America Online
      and other Internet providers made little headway

      at a Senate committee hearing in their battle to
      gain access to the high-speed
      networks of U.S.
      cable-television companies such as Time Warner.

      MindSpring, and other online access providers have called for
      new restrictions to
      prevent cable TV companies
      from controlling access to their new broadband
      which can provide Internet access that's as much
      as 100 times faster than that of
      phone modems.

      Republicans on the Senate
      Commerce Committee said they are reluctant to force
      cable companies to provide access to the Internet
      providers, though.

      "New regulation at this time is
      unwarranted," said Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska). The
      law that deregulated communications industries should
      be given time to work "before
      new conditions are
      placed on it," he said.

    • AOL broadband strategy. It may be that the
      government's rebuke of AOL's request that it be granted equal
      access on the cable networks actually works to AOL's
      favor. Since the government seems to be contending that
      no great harm would come to AOL if denied access on
      an "equal footing" basis and AOL claims the
      contrary, I believe the government would be hard pressed to
      deny AOL permission to merge with any of the broadband
      access providers, after all this would merely put AOL on
      the same footing as any of the captive ISP's that the
      cable companies are fronting for. With AOL's current
      market cap of $163 billion they should be able to
      merge/acquire a whole lot of cable companies. It could get VERY
      interesting. I would assume that once AOL acquired all of the
      broadband access they desired they would then spin off the
      cable assets and secure access to broadband using
      longterm fixed price contracts, much like they did with
      the narrowband access networks. It could become THE
      company of the 21rst century.

    • has anyone heard of dejour mining , they bought
      instantdocuments and internet courrier company from dallas. Great
      comcept. they can send courrier over the internet , fast ,
      accurately and with privacy , instead of sending over the
      plane for example from us to australia, everything will
      be done over the net. stock should fly soon. Ticker
      symbol dej toronto

    • some shares!!

    • This is an article that I found at the

      AOL To Sell PCs!
      (NYSE: AOL)
      April 14,
      by Kevin


      Sources within the America Online camp are
      rumoring that AOL is about ready to jump into the PC
      business. Forget about competing with Dell, AOL is hitting
      the hot market: $400 PCs.

      According to
      sources, America Online will offer customers a free PC if
      they subscribe to a premium version of AOL's service
      at $30-$40 a month. Included in the package will be
      continuously updated web browsing software, word processing,
      and basic spreadsheet functions. The most surprising
      feature will be that these new machines will not run
      Microsoft Windows.

      Leaving Windows and Microsoft's
      other applications off of the systems should save AOL
      $75-$80, and make this new service extremely profitable.

      In addition to selling the customer high-margin web
      service and a computer, the company will have extensive
      demographic information on users that will allow it to target
      marketing extensively at these new users.

      new users tend to be the most loyal to the AOL
      service. That means that at the end of the 24 month
      commitment most of these consumers will likely renew, with
      no marketing costs for America Online.

      story just keeps getting better...

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