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  • mtnlion4 mtnlion4 Feb 15, 1998 10:03 PM Flag

    Aol has one thing going for it..

    ..the growth of the internet in general. Other than that it offers a crappy product and is going to get its lunch eaten by AT&T and Earthlink/Sprint over the next 2 years. However, I could see AT&T buying AOL for its subscriber base. But, not until this stock takes a big dive. Fair Value? Maybe 40. Look for 60 after this madness is over.

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    • One birdie seventeen X's........bout' time for the ol'57....sauce that is........

    • He had me there. Thought you had started hitting the bottle, or were impersonating the impersonator.
      USVI. MN too cold for me, man.

    • I'm back in with 10% of profits... My point has been, is, and continues to be, AOL has much more upside than downside potential in the forseeable future. I sold for a breather/correction... the breather/correction is underway... You're right, I'd love to see it correct big-time, then come back and multiple my upside potential. Unfortunately for me, and for you down'r's, that ain't gonna happen! Good luck.

    • I give you credit... that's by far the best forgery job I've seen here yet! It's great you'd put that much energy into impersonating me! I MUST BE GETTING TO YOU?????????????? (teehee, teehee)...

    • Note the I in place of my l in my monitor... HONKEYS' at work again!

    • Minnesota Redneck... come back?

    • You're kidding!

    • as the old saying goes...Bears make money, bulls make money, pigs get slaughtered.

      Get real gfletchold, I said I thought you were smart to have sold last week and taken your profit. But after seeing some of
      your numerous posts since, I wonder. Just because someone has shorted this over-inflated hype stock (or over-extended "momentum"
      stock if you prefer) doesn't mean they have been a bear investor for 10 years or whatever. And just because the overall average
      market trend has been up for 10 years certainly doesn't mean that stocks don't go down and someone on the short side doesn't make
      money now does it? Personnally I play stocks both ways, some short some long, as do many. And it isn't blasphemy! so please can we
      stop this "how much did you make?" crap and focus on the likely future movement of this stock. You really don't have to hold the
      fort all day and flame all short investors. Hell according to your posts you don't even have a position right now. I'd think
      you'd be chearing for a correction, especially a big one, so you could buy back in cheap and make more $$$$$$$. GIVE IT UP!

    • I know all of you are tired of hearing brag about buying this stock when my broker told me too but really I don't know shit about the stock market.Will someone please stick something in my mouth so I can SHUT THE FUCK UP.Please help me I'm lonely you know.

    • If AOL isnt adding day by day they run out of the things to yap about.

      Like kids learning by repetition...let 'em learn while we profit by serious investment knowledge and technical analysis.

      Tough to make a call during option expiry week, but I think $117 could be the ceiling. Certainly by July we will be in good shape with our owned puts.

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