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  • Paikhanaghar Paikhanaghar Feb 17, 1998 12:11 AM Flag

    The truth shall set you free of Boytoy

    To set the record straight about this ignoramus from his antics on this board alone. Only major madcap milestones cited below:

    Msg. #333 (1/28): First smell. Comes on babbling about insider trading. Not an auspicious beginning. Chums up with Pyuris, the predictor of AOL tanking to 70 by 2/7/98.

    #443 (2/3): Claims to short AOL @ 99 1/2 after spouting on previously about technical analysis. Boasts about making more money than his professors.

    #526 (2/6): Predicts that's the last day AOL will see 100 acc. to his "graph". (Ironically,little does he know how true this'll turn out to be .)

    #562 (2/9): Actually posts the IBM price rise announcement, but fails to catch implications.My Lord, they have eyes but cannot see.

    #571 (2/9): Buys Feb. 95 Puts.
    #588 (2/9): Announces he's "simply stunned" by market's reaction to AOL price hike (AOL up to 105). In dazed state, buys more puts (Feb. 105)

    #631 (2/9): Apparently totally unhinged now, has vision of a "sucker's rally". Buys Feb.105,110 (in the money?) and 95's!!??
    Who's the sucker now?

    #643 (2/9): Bucks up seeing sweat on Steve Case's forehead in TV

    #768 (2/10): Still oblivious to the approaching freight train,
    chortles about kissing this baby good-bye. LIES ABOUT MAKING OUT ON MSPG AND ELNK OPTIONS -- these stocks don't have options.

    #914 (2/11): Probably the only honest post from this intellectually and morally challenged novice investor. Declares he's stunned, stunned, that his puts are toilet paper and shows the white flag. AOL at 117.

    That should have been the end. Chalk it up to the education of a
    novice investor in the school of hard knocks, but this cretin still persists in giving his "analysis" and advice, baying at the moon about how he wuz robbed and "killing AOL by Wednesday (!) --
    last Wednesday. Grow up, kid. It's happened to all of us. Except we haven't made such public fools of ourselves about it.

    FROM NOW ON, AN UPDATED VERSION OF THIS WILL BE POSTED AFTER EVERY NEW PIECE OF STUPIDITY FROM YOU. Should have known there was something wrong with you when you said there were no babes in Ann Arbor. And called the Big 12 -- with their babes in Playboy -- losers. You're the real loser in every way.

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