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  • toycruiser toycruiser Feb 17, 1998 9:53 PM Flag

    AOL and IBM to Buy NETSCAPE!?!

    The ONLY WAY AOL can buy NSCP would be the stock-deal(recall WorldCom and MCI deal). Now NSCP knows, just like everyone under the sun, that AOL is really worth about $30 and losing the market ground. NSCP probably wouldn't be sucked in to this.

    Then why would IBM want to be partners with AOL in buying NSCP? Partners now and buy them out when its price comes down to earth?
    IBM would LOVE to have AOL but not at this price.
    Come to think of it, IBM buying NSCP with AOL might be a bate for AOL..... to keep it away from MSFT, and swallow it later....
    This could be an interesting strategy......

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    • i have found nothing on the wires to back this rumor..... just talk.

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      • This is a post I retrieved in NSCP message board (#2108)

        by slyslaughter:

        "I heard something from someone I know who works for a major web
        advertising company in Chicago who has a source at AOL that
        said they are in a bidding war with IBM for Netscape and that is why the IBM deal is not a done deal. AOL right now is testing a
        beta version of a new online service and currently is using Internet Explorer but feels they can monopolize the online industry with the aquisition and incorporation of Netscape Navigator and they would likely spinoff the rest of Netscape to those who need it. Don't be surprised to see a joint buyout."

        I guess the rumor is out there. But remember my comment on the future browser and MSFT.
        If they go with the freak stock deal, look for a mojor drop in AOL.

      • I wonder if all the longs are too busy calling their brokers to put in their sell orders.

        Afternoon might see increased volume in this stock after a lazy morning.

        Still havent seen any options-driven shares frenzy...yet.

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