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  • firstinvestor firstinvestor Feb 17, 1998 8:43 PM Flag

    AOL and IBM to Buy NETSCAPE!?!

    Rumor has it that IBM and AOL will buy pieces of Netscape. HAS ANYONE HEARD ANY FACTS ON THIS MATTER?

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    • Purchase of NSCP will certainly benefit AOL, BUT....

      1.> Does AOL have money to do this?
      2.> Why would IBM buy only a piece when it can certainly afford to swallow NSCP by itself and not put a dent in its account?
      3.> Would MSFT let this happen?
      4.> How about a hostile take-over by MSFT?

      I think MSFT needs to really keep an eye on NSCP, eventhough they have been just bluffing so far. The reason? Web-browsers can potentially make the Windows obsolete in the future with much faster and more efficient network performance. There is no reason why the computers couldn't start-up with the browser and do everything with it. In either case, it would require DOS (MS DOS, guess what MS stands for?) and Bill Gates has that in his pocket.

      Oracle and Cisco might be interested in NSCP too....

      Considering all that, AOL swallowing NSCP? ...just a dream.

      Good Night!

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