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  • gfletchold gfletchold Feb 18, 1998 9:56 AM Flag

    And further more, GPRICKOLD...

    ... Why do you (and your look-alikes) have to hide behind fake, impersonating, ever-changing monikers? Don't you have enough BALLS to use your own moniker, and stick behind it, like I do? You afraid I might find you? You a closet queer who doesn't even know who you are yourself? Or are you just a CHAMELEON?

    I don't want you to have to look that up... here's what Webster's (that's a dictionary) says a Chameleon is...

    "Any of a family of OLD WORLD LIZARDS... with unusual ability to CHANGE THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN... A person given to often expedient CHANGE OF CHARACTER... One that is subject to quick or frequent CHANGE IN APPEARANCE."

    You show signs of all-of-the-above. At the very least, if/when you want to spar, come out of the closet, and have balls enough to indentify yourself consistently without your futile attempts at impersonations. They're not only not cute, they really reflect on your lack of manhood, particularly balls!

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