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  • MOVEIT98_98 MOVEIT98_98 Feb 23, 1998 8:26 AM Flag

    post split price

    What will be the price after the split ? Appreciate any information on this.

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    • Tuesday February 24, 1:19 am Eastern Time
      America Online service shut down Mon. night

      NEW YORK, Feb 24 (Reuters) - America Online Inc's subscriber service was
      shut down Monday night by an electrical problem, which the company said
      had a wider impact on the service than a wave of electronic-mail
      problems last fall.
      AOL spokeswoman Tricia Primrose told Reuters an electrical problem shut
      down the entire online service at 9:15 p.m. E.S.T., and customers were
      able to log onto the service again at 11:45 p.m.

      Electronic-mail, however, was still not available as of 12:45 a.m. on

      ``This is the first time something like this has happened in well over a
      year,'' Primrose said, noting that the company's much-publicised spate
      of electronic-mail problems last fall did not affect customers seeking
      AOL's content, chat, and other services.

      AOL did not know early Tuesday what caused the electrical problem, or
      when electronic-mail would be available.

    • Havin' similar problems here. Friggin' ISP has dropped us off at least 3 times today. Never have that kind of problem from home on AOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!
      God, I feel like laughin' today. Seeyabye.

      P.S. School vacation time, I guess. Paik'll be one happy camper when he's back from VI if he hasn't been followin' the market.

    • Check out:
      target=new >

      This analyst project $3.8 billion in revenue for FY1999 (ending June 1999).

      This is 50% top line growth for the next two years! So I take it they will have 25 million subscribers by then?!?

      What is this joker smoking?

    • This is my third attempt to reply to your last two messages. Computer running very slow, and I could not post a reply to you.

      On investigation, found a frickin' teenage ninja neutered turtle stuck cross-wise in my telephone terminal, then found the Asshole_In_WA trapped in my modem. They're trying to ambush me through the telco twisted pair. Luckily I have a navel-fuzz trap in my modem to keep this lint out.

      Yeh, it's really getting a little boring, isn't it? Where the hell's Paik?

      Say, heard new they found two skeleton's on the desert just outside of Phoenix. There's physical evidence they're Pyorrhea and Knumbnuts, and their pathetic carcasses have been picked clean by the AOL Eagle! No wonder we've not heard from them since Pyorr'ys $70 by 2/7 prediction.

      Good luck!

    • will be 1/2 of the price of the stock the day before/or day the split occurs

69.78-0.52(-0.74%)Nov 27 1:02 PMEST