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  • gfletchold gfletchold Feb 23, 1998 3:50 PM Flag

    post split price

    This is my third attempt to reply to your last two messages. Computer running very slow, and I could not post a reply to you.

    On investigation, found a frickin' teenage ninja neutered turtle stuck cross-wise in my telephone terminal, then found the Asshole_In_WA trapped in my modem. They're trying to ambush me through the telco twisted pair. Luckily I have a navel-fuzz trap in my modem to keep this lint out.

    Yeh, it's really getting a little boring, isn't it? Where the hell's Paik?

    Say, heard new they found two skeleton's on the desert just outside of Phoenix. There's physical evidence they're Pyorrhea and Knumbnuts, and their pathetic carcasses have been picked clean by the AOL Eagle! No wonder we've not heard from them since Pyorr'ys $70 by 2/7 prediction.

    Good luck!

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