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  • oil2olay oil2olay Feb 24, 1998 1:53 PM Flag

    AOL is a sure thing !

    Here's why. Most of the new shorters shorted at 117 to 119. They thought they were smart because they were shorting at what
    was previously the peak. The run-up yesterday showed the price could rise to 125 in a heart beat. All the market-makers have to
    do is run the price up to 128-129 and most of those shorts will cover out of panic. In military terms, it's called "disrupting
    the enemy's concept of operations". The 117 to 119 shorters thought they were smart, but now, they're in the same boat as the
    people who shorted at 98 when AOL shot up to 111. These new shorts have had their "concept of operations" disrupted. They expected
    to make money, and even if they lost, it would only be a few bucks, or so they thought. Now, they know they could easily lose
    10 bucks a share or more on their short. The market makers have these shorts trapped and they know it. No way will it dip below

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    • I agree that you sound like you actually believe what you are saying, but look how wrong you are, yet you shout louder, expecting someone to HEAR YOU?

      First of all, the impossible happened. It dipped below 120. So much for your theories.

      Second of all, the stock is not 128 today, guaranteed. It is below 120.

      Thirdly, Your bullishness is warmly welcomed, but is happening after the fact. It is at their peak. Where were you when the stock was under 100?
      AOL has been up all on light volume...which implies it is near its peak.

      NOT TO MENTION--Two weeks ago the stock was 83% institutionally held. Today the stock is 73% instiutionally held. How can
      this be? The stock is up up up, and yet 10% of institutional holders have sold out...why? because of the suckers rally that every
      retail brokerage house is encouraging...traders like you buyying near the peak. It is ok to buy, if you believe in AOL long term.
      But when you start saying this like guaranteed, it is scary, because all you have to do is be wrong in your timing, NOT in your
      long term perception.

      AOL large holders are getting out...Retails and traders left holding the empty suitcase...

      Pack your bags folks, we are heading south...and sooner than expected by BULLS..


    • >The market makers have these shorts trapped and they know it.
      >No way will it dip below 120.

      Close: 119 1/16

      There is no such thing as a "Sure Thing".

      (Although, that's a great Rob Reiner directed movie starring John Cusack and Daphne Zuniga . . .
      with Tim Robbins and Anthony Edwards in small parts.)

      AOL will probabaly go up tomorrow, I've learned that there are endless others that
      will view this as a buying opportunity.

    • Greetings:

      Here are the likely response from some of the investment old timers regarding AOL:

      Warrent Buffet - the stock price is not sensible.

      Luis Rukeyser - with PE at 476+, this smells like a Ponzi scheme.

      Greenspan - irrational exuberance cubed.

      Perv - in and out quick, and bank the obscene profits. Fore!

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