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  • bbberger bbberger Mar 25, 1998 11:45 PM Flag

    What a reversal

    The beginning of the day AOL was up nicely. At the end it lost it all and went south. What caused it?

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    • ..!..

    • ... Long's are SMART ENOUGH not to make day-to-day predictions of swings of +/- 10% THE SAME DAY OR THE FOLLOWING DAY like you did with your 62 1/2! AND YOU CALL US IDIOTS? Idiots are as idiots do, and you were an IDIOT to predict that 62 1/2 for the very same day it would have to take a 10% dive to make it! THAT'S AN IDIOT, MY GIRL!

      Yeh, I've made LONG predictions MANY TIMES REITERATED on this board... 140 by 4/1; and 150 by mid-year (pre-split)... I damn'd near got my 140 day before yesterday... the same day you made your stupid 10% drop SAME DAY prediction... and mine is still a POSSIBILITY! I stick by my 150 for mid-year!

      Yeh, I'll make a prediction for today... IF the broad markets end UP today, AOL WILL END UP ALSO! IF the broad markets end DOWN today, AOL WILL END DOWN ALSO! The ratio will be nearly proportionate either way. I disagree with Toy's 1.6 beta; certainly on the downside; to a lesser extent on the upside...

      There's another anomaly (you'll have to look it up, I'm sure) here... if/when you wanna' start comparing the relative stupidity of predictions, start comparing them in terms of PERCENTAGES, not dollars... your 62.++ when it was sittin' at 68.++ IN THE SAME DAY, WAS PREDICTING A 10% SWING IN A SINGLE DAY! ANYONE, ANYONE, WHO TRIES TO PREDICT A +/-10% ON ANY STOCK, FOR ANY REASON, (OR REASONS) IN A SINGLE DAY... IS A STUPID IDIOT!

      Now, look at my LONG basis for predicting... stock hit high of near 69 day before yesterday... I was within' 1.x % of making my prediction MADE IN MID-FEBRUARY! YOU missed your prediction by 10% in one friggin' day! I'm within 1.+ % 6 friggin' weeks ago! And you call us idiots? BOY, YOU NEEDTA' TAKE A LONG LOOK IN THE MIRROR, AND TRY TO SEE IF YOU SEE THE WORD "IDIOT" WRITTEN ALL OVER YOUR FACE! (It'll be there, whether you see it or not!)...

      Now, regarding predicting... you might wanna' take note of Toy's (as well as others' of your losers' persuasions) predictions dating back to January, that Row has so eloquently documented... go back and look, and you'll see idiocy and stupidity written all over all of those DOCUMENTED predictions (all losers'; all predicting xx%; even a few xxx%) drops WITHIN DAYS! Then, look at the RECORD! WHOSE BEEN RIGHT? YOU LOSERS? I GUESS NOT! WE LONGERS? I GUESS SO!

      YOU, my girl, ARE THE IDIOT!

      Have a down day!

    • We could use another nice drop. At least a point or two.
      And you're right about the predictions. If you make one and it doesn't pan out, you'll have GFLETCH badgering you for the next month (or two). Its not worth bothering. Just say why you hate AOL, and wait for her to nosedive!
      Have a nice drop!

    • The only long to be correct lately was Oily. It was amazing for 3 days. Everything that slippery boy said would happen, and fast.

      He lives on these boards as many people. From 7AM to 1 AM sometimes.

      Anyway, I don't predict, I just feel. And today it feels like AOL will kiss the 65's.

    • Did you express mail $50,000 to your broker to buy at the open like Oily did at 69 yesterday ?

    • today. I've made one specific bad prediction (the 62 1/2 one) and I hear about it forever. I don't think I've ever seen any of you ass hole longs be correct on a specific prediction yet. Are you predicting AOL will end UP today ? I say DOWN. There will be blood on Long St. You are all idiots.

    • ... I compare ups and downs from previous day's close, not today's open... It's been up all mornin' over yesterday's close...

      You know, Row does make some good OBJECTIVE, FACTUAL findings in tracking your "predictions" since January... You gotta' face facts, whether you like them or not... kinda' destroys your credibility, if you know what I mean... You need to be a little more careful about specific predictions... they can come back to haunt you (e.g., VanE's 62 1/2 Monday... Sheeezzzzzz, was that a dumb prediction, or what?)...

      Ann Arbor, eh?... where girls are girls, and so are half the guys! (teehee, teehee)... I only met two guys from Ann Arbor - back in my Navy days... They were BOTH general discharged 'cause o' queerism...

      Seriously, though, I do enjoy sparrin' with you... you seem to have just a "touch" of humility in you, compared to some of yer' losin' girlscouts!

      What happened to your Wolverweinies? They and Tricycle Traylor kinda' went tits-up, eh? My Clem-the-Gem's Gophers' are gonna' kick the crap outta' Penn State for NIT championship... You can take that as gospel!

      Yeh, I know, the wolverweinies were in the BIG DANCE; the NIT is for SECOND PLACE. I'd still rather WIN the small dance than choke in the second round of the big one! Your wolverweinies proved once again its impossible to play basketball when your players have both hands squeezin' their necks!

      Have a DOWN day! (teehee, teehee)...

    • bbberger,

      Please read the following article.
      target=new >

      This _MAY_ be the beginning of a bear market. I am anticipating a general correction in the market. AOL's beta is curently 1.6
      Expect at least 1.6% AOL correction for every 1% market correction. The way this crap is overvalued as it is now, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see 2:1 (AOL:market)correction.
      That is for 10% market correction, 20% AOL diving....
      This would be the momentum killer. By the time the dust settles, AOL WILL release, as warned by Case on WSJ a month or so ago, a less than expected earning's report.
      We can kiss this AOL's momentum good-bye now.
      I really like my 65 and 70 puts at this point....

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      • (All prices pre-split)

        To set the record straight about this ignoramus from his antics on this board alone. Only major madcap milestones cited below:
        Msg. #333 (1/28): First smell. Comes on babbling about insider trading. Not an auspicious beginning. Chums up with Pyuris, the predictor of AOL tanking to 70 by 2/7/98.
        #443 (2/3): Claims to short AOL @ 99 1/2 after spouting on previously about technical analysis. Boasts about making more money than his professors.
        #526 (2/6): Predicts that's the last day AOL will see 100 acc. to his "graph". (Ironically,little does he know how true this'll turn out to be .)
        #562 (2/9): Actually posts the IBM price rise announcement, but fails to catch implications.My Lord, they have eyes but cannot see.
        #571 (2/9): Buys Feb. 95 Puts.
        #588 (2/9): Announces he's "simply stunned" by market's reaction to AOL price hike (AOL up to 105). In dazed state, buys more puts (Feb. 105)
        #631 (2/9): Apparently totally unhinged now, has vision of a "sucker's rally". Buys Feb.105,110 (in the money?) and 95's!!??
        Who's the sucker now?
        #643 (2/9): Bucks up seeing sweat on Steve Case's forehead in TV
        #768 (2/10): Still oblivious to the approaching freight train,
        chortles about kissing this baby good-bye. LIES ABOUT MAKING OUT ON MSPG AND ELNK OPTIONS -- these stocks don't have options.
        #914 (2/11): Probably the only honest post from this intellectually and morally challenged novice investor. Declares he's stunned, stunned, that his puts are toilet paper and shows the white flag. AOL at 117.
        That should have been the end. Chalk it up to the education of a
        novice investor in the school of hard knocks, but this cretin still persists in giving his "analysis" and advice, baying at the moon about how he wuz robbed and "killing AOL by Wednesday (!) --
        last Wednesday. Grow up, kid. It's happened to all of us. Except we haven't made such public fools of ourselves about it.
        FROM NOW ON, AN UPDATED VERSION OF THIS WILL BE POSTED AFTER EVERY NEW PIECE OF STUPIDITY FROM YOU. Should have known there was something wrong with you when you said there were no babes in Ann Arbor. And called the Big 12 -- with their babes in Playboy -- losers. You're the real loser in every way.


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