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  • snap75 snap75 Apr 15, 1999 10:16 AM Flag

    getting onboard..bought more..yehaaaa!!

    can't get enough

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    • Everytime AOL takes a hit or correction, we FLY
      back up. Just remember...we are getting new investors
      at these support levels. We should be back up near
      the high around earnings (APRIL 27).


    • Net stocks are off their highs (many of the highs
      recent ones). For example:

      High Now
      AOL 175
      1/2 141 1/2 (about 20 minutes ago)
      AMTD 188 3/8
      137 1/2
      AMZN 199 1/8 162 3/8
      CMGI 330
      CNET 159 1/2 112 15/16
      EBAY 195 166
      EXDS 97
      13/16 64 7/8
      INKT 159 1/8 116 3/4
      LCOS 145 3/8 93
      YHOO 244 182

      Of this group, AOL, as in the case
      of past "crashes," has fared better than all of
      them, along with EBAY and AMZN. This will always be the

      AOL will come back strong. It always does. You shall

    • eom

    • I think Stocktrader is right on with 160
      estimate. Don't forget that earnings come out on 4/27.
      There will be a week of buying into the stock prior to
      earnings. It should be quite a show. I think AOL is going
      to outperform all Whisper Numbers and we will rock
      and roll!! Now is a great buying

    • And you better believe I wish I'd converted all my Berkshire A into AOL. Buffet has been losing his touch; he has not been changing with the times - Coke and Gillette instead of Microsoft?

    • ... of all the idiots on this board that shoot from the hip, you may be in the running for the top spot!

    • . . . but he doesn't really want people buying
      his stock. That's why it never split. Bill Gates, I
      beleive, was the one who dethroned him as richest man in
      the world. There may be a little jealousy there, but
      I doubt it.

      That doesn't make some of the
      things which the man has to say any less valid. And face
      it, he's right 95% of the time.

      Sure, our
      timing on AOL might be good, but lady luck had to be
      smiling on us that we didn't get this correction before

    • every time before the huge rally aol will touch support level at the moving avg. At this pt. the short term support was in the 147 now that aol supass this it will move to the 50 day moving avg.

    • The selling is too automatic, too
      stupid, to
      be motivated by fundamentals."

      Bullied by Program
      By James J.

      4/15/99 7:33 AM ET

      Remember that
      schoolyard game where you crouch behind
      some kid while
      your ally pushes the chump over backward?
      how the startled mark would turn all crimson
      be embarrassed and everybody would laugh at him?

      That's how the bears made the bulls feel

      What makes for such
      humiliation? Perhaps that the Dow
      Jones Industrial
      Average, which is increasingly a relic in
      this tape,
      kept rolling on, even as the DOT dropped over
      and the Nasdaq fell nearly 3%.

      And, like the
      toppling in the schoolyard prank, the decline
      indices experienced felt forced, almost artificial.
      they too were pushed. Pushed by programs meant to
      them down.

      Periodically, I will refer to
      program trading's downside as a
      reason why the market
      falls. Yesterday, there was an
      incredible amount of
      put activity all day in the indices --
      triggered by Intel's (INTC:Nasdaq) poor
      performance or
      by expiration Friday -- that eventually

      translated into a disastrous last-half-hour selloff.

      Again, let's go over what program means. That
      someone's selling something faster than buyers
      care to
      buy, or buying it faster than sellers care
      to sell. That means
      the machines are spitting
      out orders that can't be digested.

      Any time
      I go in to buy 5,000 Microsoft (MSFT:Nasdaq) at

      87 and get an 86 report, I know the mechanical
      programs are at work. Any time I try to buy
      (EMC:NYSE) at 126 and get a 125 report, I know
      programs are at work. The selling is too
      automatic, too
      stupid, to be motivated by fundamentals.

      That's why I was on the buy side of these names.
      To be
      joining the selling simply because it is
      vicious and ugly is
      not my game. I understood the Net
      selloff yesterday. The
      griddle got too hot. I also
      understood why some of the chip
      stocks, as well as the
      boxmakers, would be weaker off of
      Intel. There was a lot
      of good news yesterday in banking
      and tech, but
      by the end of the day, the good news didn't
      to matter at all.

      To me, good news always
      matters. That's why I was
      buying, not selling, the
      quality financials, drugs and
      nonboxmaker tech.
      That's what I will be doing again today.

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