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  • blackmagicwoman98 blackmagicwoman98 Apr 28, 1999 6:40 PM Flag

    WOW !!

    YEE HAAWWWWWWW - Ride'em cowboy!

    LONG BABY!!!!!!!

    EVERYONE wants a piece of AOL!!


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    • 3 kinds of lies- lies, damn lies, and stats.

    • America Online Reiterated `Strong Buy' at SG
      Princeton, New Jersey, April 28 America
      Online Inc.
      (AOL US) was reiterated ``strong buy'' by
      analyst Scott Reamer at SG Cowen.
      The 12-month target
      price is $265.00 per share.

    • ...............

    • See everyone tomorrow. Don't take it too
      I've seen it before - Correction - Explosive Upturns -
      Corrections - Explosive Upturns, etc.....

      It's Getting
      BORING. Let's have more fun tomorrow.

    • One thing i've learned is that market leaders have a way of making smart moves to maintain that market dominance-AOL will prevail!!!!!

      TARGET TODAY TO $200.
      these posts have been going on
      for years and the guys who stayed the course are rich
      as hell.
      therefore if you wish to sell go ahead
      and you can tell your kids that you once owned AOL
      but you sold it and if you hadn't
      you'd be loaded
      I bought more today at $150
      -NO FEAR

    • If you took the time to read into the numbers
      presented last night, you have to understand why three more
      analysts upgraded their recommendations to BUY. .11 cents
      3Q vs. .04 3Q98 (three times greater!) Revenues of
      $1.3 BILLION (a 66% gain over last years quarter).
      DOUBLE the ad revenue-$50 million from Netscape! Sales
      and marketing costs down. Operating Margins are 8%
      THEY HAVE $2.7 BILLION IN CASH!!!! Warren Buffet
      doesn't even have that! They have a strategic alliance
      with Bell Atlantic, SBC, for DSL developement. SUN
      systems alliance. Possible IBM alliance, MoviePone, ICQ-7
      million daily users! 17 million domestic users at $20+
      per month (that's $240 million cash flow per MONTH)!
      Only 3.2 million international users- CHINA and Latin
      AMERICA expansions due this Fall. If someone told you
      that McDonald's sold 66% more hamburgers in one
      quarter, would you get excited. This is more than a day
      play folks. The street does stupid things to itself.
      Don't let Money Managers manipulate you into selling
      your shares, cause they will just buy them from you.
      That's the game. If you saw the program selling at
      3:50pm today, you know what I mean. Enough. This is a
      strong play up. AOL ain't broke. Just a bunch of MM'rs
      scaring everyone. As it goes down, buy more. There is too
      much in the pipeline to keep this company ahead for
      years! I've never met a SHORT who survived. THEY ALWAYS
      LOOSE. Buffet and Lynch it and don't
      look at it for 6 months and you'll be amazed!

    • Symbol E-Commerce sales portion Stock price

      YHOO 58m 24-244
      eBAY 47m 8-204
      10m 12-216
      uBID 48m 30-189
      AOL 45m 17-175
      763m 1-7.5

    • ATHM. Aol's lofty pe is justified by its
      continued growth momentum. If you add an element of concern
      to that growth, ie., athm customers 66% of the time
      terminating their aol service and athm growth expected to
      accelerate and thus steal away aol's growth, the stock loses
      momentum. Once momentum is lost the stock free falls to its
      real value. I don't like this because it hurts athm in
      the process but them is the facts o' life. IMHO

    • some brains and b-lls. Sounds to me like most of
      the people on this board don't have either. So please
      go ahead and sell your stock so I can buy it. Then
      I'll sell it back to you when it soars past $200 per
      share by the end of June. Don't quit your day jobs!

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