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  • tele51 tele51 May 12, 1999 3:52 PM Flag

    Liguy=combo. loser + bi=Li_guy

    :- )

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    • right , if not a little low in your predictions.

    • Lycos is partnering with a s/w Co which will
      allow people to directly reach Lyco's home page. I know
      you need a gateway so why the article. Go to AOL
      quote on YHOO and see under news. I am confused whyis
      that a big deal atleast important enough to be a news
      item. I am also a bit worried. I am sure aol will
      comepte as always and win!!

    • you shorties are better than any charts I've read.


    • Lcos is not a issue...AOL got 34 miilion+ eyes

    • What about thsi Lycos news. Rumour is lycos is
      taking aim at AOL teaming up with ISPs or such. What if
      they replace AOL on MSFT's desktops, which will put
      most eye balls on their home page?? Any ideas.

    • taking a big risk, look what occured in two days,
      20 points.

      CNBC has their guest with limited
      knowledge and say things that they belive is in there best
      interest. the next day another guy comes on and says the
      reverse. Where do you think it will go?

      If AOL has
      done well for the last two years and is the king in
      its maketplace with brokager firms saying strong buy.
      Then I say the hell with one or two people on CNBC
      that talk there interests. The past history
      performance is the future performance of AOL.

      I for
      one believe that AOL will trade sideways then will
      rise to 160 by June. The only concern I have is what
      will the dow do between now and then (interest rates?
      China? Serbia? Greenspan, increase trade inbalance? The
      new Larry Summers replacing Ruben? - on and on.

      Ruben stepped down and look how strong the market
      rebounded. I believe, based on the rebound alone the dow
      will stablize and base where it is for a month. If you
      look at this time period in a 3 month period or a year
      from now, you will be sorry if you sold. Don't watch
      the stock, it will make your tum tum turn over.

      AOL's high PE makes it a growth stock but the coaster
      ride comes with the territory.

      Keep the faith,
      you bought this stock at whatever price for one
      reason - to make money, and you will.

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    • by the end of May!

    • talks to you on a reg.basis I bet.

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