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  • wadzula33 wadzula33 May 13, 1999 7:50 PM Flag

    Not To Good alexal

    I'm up 130% last 6 weeks!!!!

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    • generation internet. Saw it in use last night and it was great. Will be@home. Thanks for the consideration. Ann

    • showmeyoucanstandmealittle showmeyoucanstandmealittle May 13, 1999 9:55 PM Flag

      It gots to go up!!!!!

    • Food for thought. This mainly applies to other
      Internet Stocks but may be benefical to AOL investors.
      This information is being released my a major broker.
      It is time the small investor have some advance
      news...Not after the fact. (I personaly do not have any
      recommendations...Do your own research.)

      600 times earnings.
      Excessive speculation leading to financial disaster.

      Greed is a force that helps make capitalism work, but
      when it is widespread and uncontrolled, it can lead to
      meltdown. Greed fuels speculation, which can push values to
      dizzying heights. Eventually, however, reason returns and
      prices drop. History provides many examples. That is
      why, to those of us with enough age and experience,
      today's Internet mania looks very familiar. It includes
      all the elements that have contributed to speculative
      disasters in the past.

      Quick examples of excessive
      speculation leading to financial disaster is the "tulip
      mania" from the 17 century. In 1989, speculation in the
      Japanese real estate market pushed values too high and the
      market on the issue collapsed.

      The Internet
      itself is not a fad, but at the moment, the Internet
      market it. Prudent investors know these inflated prices
      are unsustainable and they don't take the risks
      associated with trying to predict when the collapse might
      occur. History suggest that when it does happen, it will
      be sudden and there will be no escape.

      believe AOL is one of the proven business and will fare
      much better than those with no record of success and
      new and unproven businesses.

      This is only a
      sample of the information available. The comlete report
      is two pages.

      Good luck to all.

    • Naaahhh !!!

    • There is techology comming that will allow high speed data transmission over copper wire. This will give AOL the speed it needs without cable or fiber optic.

    • Shorts will get killed. Instinet already has it
      up over 130 on this Hughs news. As the article on
      Yahoo news said tonight after the close, AOL is largely
      an event-driven stock. YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!!!
      Tomorrow 150 will be broken to the upside.
      Shorties....ahh, screw you. It's too late tonight.

    • Arrogant Steve Case and his moronic shareholders
      are going down the tubes with their outdated dial up
      technology and a laughable broadband strategy...! If you
      morons are going to wait until sometime in the year
      "2000" to pay $500 for an ugly satellite dish...then
      $34.50 to Hugh's Direct PC for their monthly
      service...then $19.95 for "AOL content" ( a real oxymoron), so
      you can merely dial up the internet at speeds less
      than you can already do so today via a cable modem,
      then you people really do deserve everything that's
      about to come your way...DOWN...DOWN...and OUT!!!!!!


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