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  • wadzula33 wadzula33 May 14, 1999 4:58 PM Flag



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    • taxes, size and comissions sure eat up a lot of propfits, but if you do not believe that there exist people who make 500% profits, you better invest in money markets...

    • If we get a internet correction then it will
      likely be across the board and will hit all tech stocks.
      Even AOL will be hurt. The day the NASDAQ dropped AOL
      was hit hard just like all others.

      Sure AOL
      may be better off. But if it drops only 40% compared
      to 50% and 60% for the real high flyers will it
      really comfort you? Don't fool yourself into thinking
      something stupid. Best plan is to buy more if it drops
      because you believe it is a good company. But believe me,
      it can drop. It wouldn't be the first great company
      hit by sector problems. Look at the ERP group. SAP
      and Peoplesoft had growth rates of 70% plus. The
      stocks were doubling. Then, Y2K worries hit. Peoplesoft
      LOST 80% of its value. Trust me. It can happen even to
      good companies. You can't fight it either.

    • Don`t buy now,i don`t know when?!
      If a severe correction is in our way,only a very few tech/internet stocks will survive,analysts say,and our AOL,sure
      is one of them.SLAP/AOL.

    • Data does not indicate change in overall inflation trend, says experts. Tough competition between retailers and the low cost of imported goods should keep prices in check. See CNNfn.

    • investing in equities that you believe are headed

      If you think you know of a stock that you think is
      going down or is currently overvalued then you might
      want to take a look at and
      learn for free how to invest on the

      Its also a good tool to learn how the shorts on these
      message boards operate. All you have to do is visit the
      page and click on the "How to short" icon and you get
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      Just click AOL investors.

    • It also might mean that there are no buyers at these prices....some are raising careful...

    • failed me yet =)

    • Sorry to hear about your loss, over the years I
      have made a few of those moves, but you learn from
      your mistakes and tribulations.

      You gotta
      admit, anyway, for me its the thrill.

      Yes, the
      money is nice but whether I have a down week or an up
      week, I enjoy the thrills of investing. And though it
      may sound somewhat weird, I am not really in it for
      the money, but for the excitement.

      You will
      come back and advance your gains, but always remember
      what you've learned from your experiences.
      though sometime it seems to good to be true.

      fun cause you only live once.



    • Up and down and up and down, boy fishing off of
      San Francisco bay is less rocky than AOl has been in
      past 3 weeks. I am down more than $90,000 from april.
      I know AOL will be at $170 before the next
      earnings, but is sure is hard as hell to sit here on my
      hands. And that is what everyone has to be deciplin to
      do. Let me confess, last week I soled all my AOl
      shares at $125 and bought MSPG. Well, we all know what
      happened on monday, Zoom, buy the time I decided to jump
      back in on tuesday, my lovely AOL was at $137. Off
      course I bought 1000 shares but I missed the 12 points
      along the way. Moral of the story, as someone else
      saide it here, you lose more money trying to avoid the

      Good luck to all on Tuesday and Thursday.

    • once with no short spammers,whats going on?

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