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  • imnotyourwhippingboy imnotyourwhippingboy May 20, 1999 8:07 PM Flag

    I have support for my lawsuit.

    My attorney is doing the subpoening as we speak.
    The posters that have caused me to lose money are the
    ones that are going to lose in the end. Get ready to

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    • The_trend_is_my_friend The_trend_is_my_friend May 20, 1999 10:17 PM Flag

      I concur on your opinion, not sure where the
      strong resistance is exactly. However, based on the
      10-day MA, AOL is still technically bullish for the
      short-term. I too am not really alarmed by the late drop
      since the volume was light....

    • I generally take all short term advice from the
      big boys and turn it around. Only fools think they
      will tell you what they are doing. Once you know it is
      too late. They have already stuck the knife into you
      or they are playing you like a fiddle.

      average "Joe" gets screwed. If you are always chasing
      their moves you'll lose big.

    • The internet valuations are based on "a new way
      of thinking" such that P/Es don't matter, old
      thinking doesn't matter, anything is possible. etc.". I
      believe that this very way of thinking is now being
      questioned. Practical limits are factoring in to the initial
      exuberance. Questions like "how much would this company have
      to earn to bring them in line?" or "so, if it
      doubled again it would be bigger than Intel?". The
      answers can make you question the original premise. Lay
      this on top of a shaky market with the rate hike fears
      and people start to look even closer. And, when you
      do, it makes you more scared.

      In practical
      terms, the growth is just not sustainable. Say what you
      will but if AOL doubles 2 more times (it did so so
      many times alread) it will have the highest market cap
      in the world. And its net revenues are not even
      close to many companies with much smaller market caps.
      Given this pressure, any negative point can cause sharp
      drops. All internet stocks are behaving like

      What I fear is that the big buys are selling slowly.
      Look at all the net stocks. They are dropping

    • Last two months have resulted in big selloff. And with skeptisism already in place. Could get ugly.

    • and market tomorrow.How has AOL and market responded to past option days?Thanks ,Anybody can answer.

    • Could you please explain further with regarding to the 'DEALS'?


    • Nasdaq is Tanking ! ! !
      Internets are falling

    • Wall Street Journal says "This is the best internet home business opportunity available". See for yourself at

    • I hate Hypesters, especially those who type all
      in BIG CAPS, as if they are actually going to effect
      the price of this stock with their little two cents.
      What moves this stock are the big players, the
      institutional investors, the trades over 10,000 shares.
      Hypesters just try to manipulate the few weak investors,
      trying to make them panic and sell or buy on unrealistic
      expectations. Please stop already! I would like to read some
      intelligent and rational discussion regarding why the sell
      program occurred today and/or any other significant FACTS
      that have any relevant bearing on AOL and its
      shareholders or potential shareholders. DLJ reiterated their
      Top Pick rating today, and Merril Lynch reiterated
      their Strong Buy rating as well. The vast majority of
      internet-related stocks got hit really hard today--look at COVD
      down 10+%, NITE down 7+%, RNWK down 8+%, IVIL down
      12+%, etc. etc. AOL's drop doesn't seem too bad
      compared to some of the others. Moreover, you have to
      realize we had significant gains since Monday, rising
      from 125 back then. Hence, I see today's loss as mere
      short-term profit-taking. Fundamentals are still sound.
      Finally, the slide came on lighter than average volume,
      which to me does not raise any red flags. If anyone has
      any meaningful technical or financial analysis that
      may help us evaluate AOL's prospects, I would
      appreciate it. The charts still appear good to me. Their is
      strong resistance at around 139, but if we break through
      that level, significant advance likely.

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