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  • MarkHaynesCNBC95 MarkHaynesCNBC95 May 20, 1999 8:30 PM Flag

    I have support for my lawsuit.


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    • NETG has surging volume momentum.
      There could
      be some thing positive going to happen to NETG
      have been following this company for some time,usually
      it is a
      sleepy stock not doing much of anything.
      It usually tracks DCLK,
      except yesterday NETG
      spiked by 14% when DCLK and most
      internets were down.
      Also the trading volumed was double the
      volume and this frenzy has continued today when all
      have low trading volumes.What does that mean??? I
      think that DCLK
      after increasing their Authorised
      shares at the meeting on 24/5/99
      could launch a
      takeover of NETG.The following are my reasons
      (1) NETG
      specializes in software development . DCLK is heavy
      marketing and wants to expand software development with
      their huge
      cash resources; however there are some
      constraints, software
      engineers are extremely scarce and
      also there is huge cost
      associated and time lag wih
      hiring skilled personnel.By adding
      NETG would make it
      a ready made solution.
      (2)One of dclk's
      executives very recently stated that there
      consolidation and mergers and takeovers in the
      competitive Net Ad bussiness.
      DCLK'S chairman has often
      stated that DCLK would like to make
      an aquistion.This
      is would be a double benefit, DCLK would
      the cut throat competition, but more importantly it
      could double
      its pool of skilled staff and research
      engineers overnight thereby
      enabling dclk to speedily
      develop advanced targeting and
      advertising software
      etc on which it bets its future.
      (3) NETG has
      around $23million in the bank with virtually no debt
      the timing could not be better because NETG price has
      hammered into the ground with a negative press article.
      DCLK would be buying undervalued NETG with OVERVALUED
      DCLK stock.
      If that happens Iwould expect valuation
      of around $55 per NETG
      In conclusion
      even if I am wrong about DCLK,then there could
      some other company, because advertising is one of the
      very few
      ways for websites, Portals like XCIT,
      LCOS, yahoo to generate
      earnings.Alternately NETG
      could be merging with Adforce, MMPT or
      TFSM to
      challenge DCLK'S leadership.So I am very very bullish

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