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  • Bet_My_Right_Testicle Bet_My_Right_Testicle May 22, 1999 5:39 PM Flag

    AOL up at least $10...

    Next week. Count on it.

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    • Well, I finally bought some AOL last
      Friday...I've been kicking myself for a long time for now
      owning any and with the price in this range, I couldn't
      pass up the chance again...huge upside here...don't
      worry about those predicting doom...this stock will be
      back over 140 in no time...

    • what is your position, long or short?
      I am long, see you in 5 years in Cayman Islands, ha, ha.
      Enjoy your posts, though.

    • My original message is about analysts ratings. No analysts currently rate AOL with a sell rating. We both know buying and selling occurs everyday. Profitable trading your way, chameleon

    • Wake up. These "PROS" know no more about the wave
      of the internet future than you do. They are
      bandwagon trumpeters or pawns. If a firm has a ton of
      shares of a company and wants to get out, do you think
      they willl yell "SELL". Nope. They'll say "reiterate
      buy" then sell on the peak. Once they have gotten out
      then they are happy.

      Look at Peoplesoft.
      Growing at 70% a year. All "buys" and top picks of many
      firms. Analysts pounding the bandwagon and everybody
      sooooooo happy. Upgrades, upgrades, upgrades. Buy, Strong
      Buy. Everybody has reason why ERP will be next silver
      bullet. Better than sliced bread. Growth easy to continue
      at 70% and maybe more. Hopes ands expectations in
      stratosphere. Then Y2K concerns surface and an immediate
      switch. Downgrade, downgrade, downgrade. New bandwagon is
      "ERP sector hurt by Y2K". Can't sustain growth at 70%.
      Who would have expected that? Everybody has answer
      "after the fact" why ERP is dead. Peoplesoft loses 80%
      of value. Sound familiar???

      Trust yourself.
      Don't believe these so called pros. It's not your
      interest they are concerned with.

    • Do you believe that AOL should have the biggest
      market cap in the whole world? Bigger thna GE, biggern
      than MSFT, Bigger than Intel? On what earnings? Even
      at a ridiculous 50% growth (no company can continue
      to grow like this for 5 years after it has been in
      business for 8 years and has a market cap of a blue chip)
      it won't make justified price levels.

      can't possibly expect the same returns as in the past
      year. If so, AOL would be more than twice as big as
      Microsoft which has the worlds current highest market

      I hold AOL and this current thinking that AOL
      should double every three months is not healthy. It is
      making the big boys re-think valuations and get out. It
      could start a huge sell-off in internet stocks (it may
      already be happening systematically).

    • telecom, going up FAST, check it out!

    • Actually you friggin dope, if you did research
      before making your idiotic comments you would know that
      AOL does not count people using the free trial as a

      Please do not take serious any messages posted by
      anewdream, this is obviously an idiot.

    • I wonder who is selling the millions of shares everyday!! John Doe with a few thousand shares.

    • Same Reuters article making the rounds everyday
      now. Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

      "``There are
      more portals now competing for the same number of
      people,'' said analyst John Robb. ``It means that there
      will be fewer people going to specific

      America Online Inc. (NYSE:AOL - news), the No. 1 network
      of sites, including its online services and
      stand-alone Web sites, dipped to 46.4 million visitors from
      47 million in the previous month. Its overall
      audience reach was 71 percent of the total universe of Web

      71% is awesome, but it if it and the 47M visitors
      stands as the highwater mark as more and more sites
      crowd the net and vie for attention, where does that
      leave AOL, Yahoo, and the other pioneer portals? As
      people become more educated about the net, their need
      for a $21.95/mo ISP or a specific search engine
      lessens. Seems natural. Should a national freenet grab the
      US, the way it stormed the UK, that would spell
      further trouble. Freenets up to now have only been
      raggedy community services or half-ass ads driven money
      losers. Suppose Gates and Armstrong were to offer free
      internet service across the US and Europe using their
      combined cable resources? That'd be frightful. I think
      further consolidation is in the works for the original
      pioneers. Grow to survive and thrive or watch as the
      crowded internet cuts into the pie.

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