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  • goasnd goasnd May 28, 1999 5:10 PM Flag

    AOL goes to 130+

    AOL will close above 130 next week once the employment data is out on Friday.

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    • Shorts win some of the battles. But longs win wars......

    • The only way to have AOL now is long. I have made
      a pot of money on it and I wouldn't sell it for
      anything! Though it is down some down now, it will spring
      back and climb again as it has for the past year and a
      half. Hang in there longs!!!

    • cash over the weekend...and I will go long if it
      goes up, and short if it goes down...I am not a
      Kamikaze(exuse my spelling) to hold over the long weekend..I do
      not really care wher it goes on Tuesday...but I do
      think that net stocks will have even bigger
      correction...Check my old posts- I shorted AOL 2 times last
      month.first time it went down 30 points, second time 23
      points...But by all means I think that to "get married to a
      stock" is self destructive and delusional . Use
      technical analysis and lose your emotions about the market-
      you will do OK...

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    • What I see is a whole batch of crying shorters.

      Notice, old bud, the longs are making factual posts with
      information, not just opinion, like TV Reporter and

      but the shorts,like you, marketprophet, and matthias
      on a holiday week end, are posting over and over
      gloom and doom with no facts.
      For instance -- who is
      crying for an upgrade? You know, I'm getting a red alert
      warning that the shorts are nervous this week end. So
      many frantic posts...

      Cheers and cheerio, duna
      and the other shorters. Try to have some fun. Be
      happy. Don't worry too much.

      And you longs if you
      look in can enjoy being relaxed.

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    • and profit growth is all I need and AOL's got both.

    • longs is that their hopes cling to someone else
      old upgrades, if they really thought that the
      fundamentals of this stock were intacted then they wouldn't be
      crying for an upgrade, it just gives u a red warning
      about reality

    • three things you should do A>S>A>P
      - Stop fucking Tony Blare before they start calling
      you GAY
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      - Start SPANKING Hillary. She's
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    • I understand your point and I respect it. You
      have been doing great so far and lets hope you do so
      in the future as well. For you a slide-back to $90's
      would not be the end-of-the-world. It's alway easier to
      take a new long position when you already have doubled
      your money or more. I'm however talking about the ones
      who took their FIRST position in AOL at $130-175 and
      who at this moment are thinking about buying more or
      to take your first position here @ $120. IMO the
      risk that it could become a long investment-jail for
      them is very very high. I did in the beginning the
      classic mistake to start at the top and bought on the way
      down with one stock that I was so SURE about and I
      still regret it. I just wish somebody would have told
      me about the risks to buy an over-valued stock when
      it's not so HOT any more.


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