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  • GospElvis GospElvis Jun 5, 1999 4:47 PM Flag

    Another story on the ruling from Wired
    (I got this from the ATHM board)

    Court backs
    local cable control -- Saturday, June 5, 1999
    Su-jin Yim of The Oregonian staff

    A federal
    judge vindicated Portland's lonely stand against
    communications giant AT&T Corp. Friday in a nationally
    anticipated ruling about high-speed Internet access over its
    cable network. In a written decision, U.S. District
    Judge Owen Panner said the city and Multnomah County
    have the authority to force AT&T to open its cable
    network to Internet rivals.

    The governments had
    ordered AT&T and Tele-Communications Inc., which were
    merging, to open their cable network in December.
    companies refused, saying local officials were overstepping
    their jurisdiction, and filed a lawsuit a month later.
    The case, which raised questions of fair competition
    in the digital age and local authority in an
    increasingly global industry, could set a national precedent.
    AT&T said Friday that it plans to appeal.

    "It's a hands-down win," Portland City Commissioner
    Erik Sten said. "This is a much stronger ruling than
    anybody would've expected. This changes the whole
    nationwide debate."

    Panner's decision met with
    scathing criticism from AT&T and the cable industry. "This
    is one judge who has gone off the reservation with
    very little analysis on any of the issues," said Neal
    Goldberg, general counsel of the National Cable Television
    Association. "That's why they have courts of appeal."

    At issue in the lawsuit is AT&T's @Home Internet
    service, which promises to deliver Internet access over
    the cable network up to 50 times faster than standard
    28.8k modems, which use conventional telephone lines.

    Portland and Multnomah County attorneys argued that
    opening the network to Internet rivals was integral to
    ensuring competition and consumer choice in the future.
    AT&T disagreed, saying such a condition could
    jeopardize its $61 billion merger with TCI. That deal closed
    in February. What the decision means for customers
    is unclear.

    Portland residents can't yet
    get the high-speed @Home service, in part because the
    cable network here has not been fully upgraded. Some
    parts of Washington and Clackamas counties have the
    service now. But the rollout in Portland and Multnomah
    County could be further delayed by the judge's ruling.
    "The probabilities are strongly against us rolling out
    @Home right
    now," AT&T vice president Scott Morris
    said. "We're still at a standstill." The decision also
    could affect an earlier announcement that Portland
    would be one of 10 cities serving as a test market for
    AT&T's phone service delivered via TCI cable, Morris

    rest of

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    • you're short. So many scared shorts on this board says alot...

      • 2 Replies to rushlimberger
      • in I-net stocks now. Have you ever thought about
        who is going to sell YOU his shares now and why.
        There's a lot of institutions who still own stocks with
        high P/E's (like AOL) or with no P/E's at all (like
        AMAZ) and they don't want to own these companies in a
        BEARMARKET. Guess what they do. They hype the sector a last
        time to get a "rally" to sell into and FOOLS like you
        buy. So what, you say, I'm in for the long-haul I
        don'r care. Yeah you better be because it's going to
        take a long long (maybe 11 years like for IBM investor
        back in 1987) time before the I-nets are going to make
        so much profit that you get up to todays
        price-levels. What happens then ? The typical story : you need
        the money sooner than you thought : after 3-4 years
        of "bad times", and you sell to 20-30% of todays
        price. Guess who is buying then ? The same SOB's of
        course who you bought from now. How is this possible ?
        Well, cecause of two things :

        a) They KNOW the
        game cus they are the play-makers. They have done it
        many times before.It's the old
        UP-DOWN-UP-DOWN-Loose-hand-strong-hand-game, you know.

        b) They have the money to buy
        then cus YOU gave it to them at the top (today) and
        they invest it now in BONDS with a fixed 6% annual
        return. They are then going to have 3-4 times more money
        than what you shares are worth.

        Remember there
        is only two things that kill an investor/trader :
        GREED and FEAR. My advise to you is now : Control your
        greed today. Put your money on BONDS wait for better
        times in the stock-market to buy because that will come
        sooner than you think.

        What about you Midas and
        your "pals", what are you the doing here? Well, we are
        all TRADERS who jumps in long and short in I-nets so
        our risks are much lower than yours. If we loose
        today we will take it back tomorrow because for us it's
        the same if the market goes UP or DOWN we ride it
        both ways. For you LONG-LONGS the market must go UP
        for you to make money and we all know that a
        BULLMARKET can't go on forever so the time is working
        against you.

        Take care.


      • Don't use your money in need or use loaned money
        to speculate in stock market. Recent roller-coaster
        stock market has scared and shaked off as many those
        kind of investors and speculators.
        Long-term longs
        of AOL will be winners for sure. EOM

    • been busy posting. Thanks for the work. Baseball games and painting for me. Nothing like the smell of turpentine......

      Have a good weekend...back to work


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