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  • BuyNHold95 BuyNHold95 Jun 10, 1999 6:43 PM Flag

    opinion on these plays?

    PUT AOL July 80 @ 1.75...
    PUT AOL Oct 70 @ 4.25
    PUT AOL Jan 60 @ 4.75


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    • Why do you think it will last 1-2 months? It
      could and AOL could get into the 80's (I have a few
      limit orders down there just in case) but it could just
      as easily roar back. I've been following the
      movements closely. This market wants to go up. The big cap
      favorites are holding the line. And as long as they do I
      can't see the inet bubble popping.

    • I try a good natured fun and you bring it to an
      insult. There are people who count on $20 a day to live.
      I hope you and your money are happy because it's
      the only thing that seems to make you happy.

    • I don't think AOL has much more downside
      potential. This Friday will be the last hurdle then a nice
      rise as we get close to earnings season IMO. AOL has a
      bunch of cash and an interest rate hike won't cut into
      profits. The decline is a macro decline and should reverse
      real soon. Fingers and toes crossed!

    • So far, the poll indicates there is somethin to this column.


    • value....IMO, this market is setting up for a
      pretty nasty short squeeze if that report comes in as
      expected....futures are indicated at -1.00 so we are 3 points over
      FV....this tells me there were some big buying on close

    • if aol breaks 100 level look out, no telling
      where the selling will stop. aol previously tested 105
      during very short (1-2 day drops) but overall still had
      a ton of speculator buying momentum behind them.
      That momentum has now faded in this rather extended
      correction which looks to last for 1-2 more months

    • your lowsy $20. I would hate to see you skip a day's worth of nourishment.

    • tomorrow. AOL has tested 105 a half-dozen times and risen every time. 105 is rock-bottom!


      Internet Economy Bigger Than


      WASHINGTON (June 10) - All those Furbies,
      Tamagochis and ''Star Wars'' toys bought at Web auctioneer
      eBay sure add up.

      While some have estimated
      annual Internet sales in the tens of billions of
      dollars, a new study from the University of Texas and
      financed by Cisco Systems Inc. found that U.S. companies
      generated a whopping $301 billion in revenue last year from
      online-related goods and services.

      The total, derived
      from interviews with about 3,000 companies
      participating in the Internet economy, included $102 billion of
      Internet commerce, such as sales of books by,
      toys at and even subscriptions to

      Sales by intermediaries, like stock
      trades and online travel agents, totaled $58 billion in
      1998, the study found.

      Nearly half the total
      came from the hardware and software used to build the
      infrastructure of the Internet and electronic commerce.

      The study found $56 billion was spent last year on
      software, consulting and training to provide Internet
      services and another $115 billion was spent on hardware
      and software to run the lowest layers of the global
      computer network.

      To avoid double counting some
      revenues, the $301 billion total included a $30 billion
      reduction from the sum of the four separate categories.

      The end results ``seem to exceed all prior
      estimates,'' said University of Texas Associate Professor
      Anitesh Barua, who co-authored the study. Starting from
      almost no online commerce three years earlier, ``the
      growth rate is nothing short astounding,'' he said.

      The study also estimated that 1.2 million U.S. jobs
      were involved in Internet commerce.

      Brothers senior economist Ethan Harris said the study
      demolished an assumption by many analysts that Internet
      sales were concentrated among a few big companies.

      ``What they found, in fact, is that there are thousands
      of companies selling on the Internet,'' Harris said.
      ``That argues for continued growth.''

      figures also put the Internet portion of the economy on
      par with other more established sectors like
      automobiles and telecommunications.

      E-commerce ``has
      already achieved a status of great prominence in the U.S.
      economy,'' said Cisco development manager Doug Karmin.
      Cisco, the leading provider of Internet switching gear,
      has seen its stock skyrocket in recent years, already
      rising more than 20 percent so far in 1999, on the back
      of the Internet growth wave.


      Copyright 1999 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved.
      Republication or redistribution of Reuters content, including
      by framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited
      without the prior written consent of Reuters. Reuters
      shall not be liable for any errors or delays in the
      content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon. All
      active hyperlinks have been inserted by AOL.


    • Apologies for this off-topic posting, but I'm
      trying, not
      unselflessly, to get the word out about
      the stock of a
      company by the name of Biovail
      (symbol: BVF) which, yes, I
      also own in addition to

      Here's the story: Yesterday a lawsuit was settled
      Hoechst and Andrx (symbol: ADRX)(news of the
      can be found at the ADRX Yahoo stock page). I don't
      a whole heck of a lot of people have yet
      comprehended that
      Biovail, which like its competitor Andrx
      is a generic drug
      maker of controlled release big
      name drugs, also benefits in a
      big time way from
      the settlement. The settlement allows
      Andrx to
      begin selling, for the first time, a generic
      of Cardizem CD, a heart medication with sales in the
      alone of $700 million. What the news story doesn't
      (since it's a press release of Andrx) is that after not
      more than
      180 days, Biovail will also now be
      permitted to begin selling
      its Cardizem CD generic
      (under the law, there's a 180 day
      bar window before a
      second generic maker can enter in). So
      both companies
      will in fact be getting a piece of the
      Cardizem pie. Biovail, in my estimation, has been
      undervalued based on its stellar earnings track record
      earnings forecasts - which should be going up by quite a
      now, perhaps by $0.70 per share by some estimates.
      stock has already started making a move up, I think
      as a few people are beginning to understand the full
      impact of
      the settlement. BVF also has a large short
      interest (about
      13%) which should further drive the
      price as covering begins.

      Happy investing!

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