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  • Bucforever Bucforever Jun 14, 1999 10:31 AM Flag

    Food for thought

    As I said I don't own AOL and am waitingon the
    side line to jump in. I feel bad that you got caught
    in this storm, the only thing you can do is ride it
    out. Just look at this way. When (not if) things
    settle, a lot of people will jump in and push this winner
    up. Add to that the fact that shorts will have to
    cover. I think shorts will see rude awaking this Wed.
    Good luck all.

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    • Stop sellling and some panick selling
      Mostly this -- less from shorts.

      RTQ - 92

      • 1 Reply to BNUrmack
      • I wonder what it would feel like to go from 175
        to 92. I repeat 92.
        1. Any sleepless
        2. Blood pressure been going up?
        3. How's
        your marriage doing?
        4. Can't retire now?
        When will AOL ever go back up?
        6. Are there better
        stocks out there?
        7. Will NetZero be AOL's
        8. Is the stock still overvalued?
        9. If the
        court's ruling couldn't help...what will?
        10. Did you
        buy on margin?
        11. Is your wife asking you, how
        YOU lost all this money?

        Sounds like there
        are alot of questions concerning AOL's Future.

        If you sold...Thank you for selling out of FEAR.

        If any of the above is true, should you really be
        investing? Is investing ruining your life? Please seek

        counseling. I don't want to see any one hurt or their family
        hurt. I care. thank you

    • Everyone has a breaking point. Think about your
      investments logically and calmly. If you see anything good on
      the horizon then hang in there. Don't be a fool-be
      rational. At least-if you lose all of your money you won't
      be able to blame it on a panic attack.

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