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  • DonAkin DonAkin Jun 14, 1999 2:43 PM Flag

    AOL will be 75 by Friday guaranteed...

    because I predicted this fall today, and other falls in the past month and I have never been wrong. I would wait till Friday before I purchased any of this stock.

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    • I hope you're right. I am holding on to my AOL
      for the long haul. I am buying on dips. I believe it
      will rebound before the summer is over and we will be
      in positive territory again. Remember, you don't
      really lose money unless you sell. suzed

    • After reading Tiki's message, I'd like to share
      some experiences from a long's perspective. Yes, AOL
      and other net blue chips have been beaten down so
      badly. It certainly won't make longs feel good. I've
      been in the stock market for a long time and I hate to
      brag that I made a ton and thus decided to retire
      early. But do I always make a right decision to get in
      and out so timingly? Certainly not. The net stocks
      are indeed often overbought and oversold. More often
      than not I made a bad decision and got caught in a
      ridiculous high price (I must admit it's all greed).
      Sometimes I have to watch much of my earned money went down
      the drain for several months. But I learned a hard
      lesson. One of the short's strategies is to try to
      pursuade longs to sell first and buy back at a lower
      price. In a perfect world where a person would be able
      to time things perfectly, I believe everyone will be
      willing to do so. The question is: Do you really have
      great confidence in your decision and thus are sure
      you'll be able to buy back at a lower price? Or you
      simply are gambling or intimidated by shorts' crock?

      For the past couple of years I've been holding the
      promising net stocks which I believe have a bright future,
      when a certian stock went down so bad and I missed the
      chance of letting it go when a long slide began, I
      always tried to average down. Sometimes it surely makes
      me feel bad for quite a while because sometimes
      there seems to be no stopping the slide. However,
      longs, if you've stayed with AOL's slide for, say, more
      than 20 points, you gotta remember if you're really a
      long investor, long means long. Try to stay with it
      and also try to average down. I don't think this
      strategy is a gamble or a deperate move because you're
      holding a company that has a very successful business
      model and is very likely to be the leader of the
      internet leaders in a few year. My experiece teaches me
      that it's very likely that the money I lost will only
      be temporary. I still remember very vividly that
      last summer I had a more than 200,000 paper lost on
      CMGI and 100,000 on AOL, but both turned out to be
      comeback kids (though I must admit it took 5 'long' months
      for CMGI to be my big winners and 3 months for AOL).
      fellow long investors, remember, long means long. If you
      don't sell it, you don't really lose money. I don't
      really care if a low-life, no-life, moronic short calls
      me an idiot for being long on net stocks at this
      point. Let's see who will win the race in the long run.

    • this sell off will continue until there's a major
      catalyst for it to turn around. That will not happen until
      the Fed announces. Use your head, AOL is way over
      sold and will continue down until the investors can
      feel secure about pumping money into it.Think about
      it,did anyone expect ANOTHER sell off
      Tuesday will be at least as bad as today. There's no
      reason for it not to be.Before you say it,let me tell
      you,I have never been short any stock,ever.Wish I had
      the balls,because I would be making money now. I've
      learned that there is a time to cry uncle and take my
      remaining cash to the sidelines and waite until it's ok for
      Aol to soar back up. A realist needs to change his
      rules to fit the game.

    • Everytime AOL goes down, I think about how much
      more I'll buy when it bounces. For the one internet
      company that's the most profitable and has the most
      potential, it's getting whacked pretty hard. Who says trends
      are our friends? Here's a good article, and explains
      historically why I won't budge with my AOL for a long time.

    • What's supposed to happen on Wednesday???

    • have spent all this money at the bar, but AOL made me cash on cash. I buy on the 1st and 15th of the month.

    • WHY don't you come down south and KISS MY
      SOUTHERN AMERICAN ASS. Shit for brains.

    • ... . EOM ....

    • Wait till we near christmas season. Computer
      sales up, internet shopping will be the talk of the
      town. And once again the world will fall in love with
      aol. I've seen this before, and believe me we will
      look back in several months and say, "Damn it why
      didn't I buy more, when it was so cheap.

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