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    and fuck the fake i love aol
    and fuck all the rest of the shorts who lost their asses today
    i spit on you all

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    • yYahooooooo

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    • finally you make some sense...if it is +160...i'll be shorting also..but not aol..others definitely

    • Healtheon is up 892% from its IPO price of $8.00
      on February 10, 1999. There is no mystery that
      healthcare internet is where it is at. So what is the most
      direct comp to Healtheon? The answer is Specialty Care
      Networks. SCNI has just got shareholder approval to
      restructure its business to become an exclusive healthcare
      internet provider. Now I have been telling everyone about
      SCNI for close to a month now. Since doing so, the
      stock has gone from about a $1.00 to $2.00. A decent
      return, but it is only the beginning. Currently valued at
      less than $40 million, this healthcare internet
      company has a long way to go. This could easily be at
      least a 10 bagger in the next few months. You will be
      kicking yourself if you miss it. They just received
      shareholder approval last friday for their restructuring into
      a completely internet based company. Don't miss
      this opportunity.

      The proxy statement explains
      all the exciting plans they have for the company.
      Though the proxy is very long, I spent a day reading the
      whole thing and found it very interesting. I have
      provided a link to the proxy below for those of you who
      have a few hours to kill. Below is what I found most
      interesting in the proxy. For those of you who want to get
      right to the point, I have provided references you can
      search for to tear through it quickly.

      Plan: SCNI
      is currently a PPM provider. A business that has
      been fraught with failure the past couple of years,
      and their stock completely reflects it. It has
      steadily declined from $10 to as low as $0.50 over the
      past year or two. Now the Company has decided to sell
      off the majority of their PPM business and move
      almost exclusively into the healthcare internet

      After approval: The Company already has agreed to sell
      back 10 of their PPM contracts. It return, SCNI will
      receive $17.2 million in CASH as well as 3.8 million
      shares of their stock back. This will result in the
      number of shares outstanding being reduce from 18.6
      million to 14.8 million. The cash will go from $3.8
      million to $21.0 million. That means they will have a
      $1.42 per share in cash. Not too bad, considering they
      trade currently at $2.00. (Search for $17,172 to find
      this in the proxy)

      They plan to also sell a
      19.9% portion of their Internet business in the near
      future. This extra funding will help to further fund the
      building of a new website, greatly increasing their
      Internet offerings as well as greatly increasing their
      shareholder exposure and understanding of the new business.
      (Search for 19.9% to find this in the

      Outside Valaution Confirmation: As part of the
      restructuring, SCNI hired SunTrust Equitable Securities to do a
      valuation on the Company. They came up with a valuation of
      $1.56-$4.20 for the existing business, of course with the
      broader Internet business, this valuation could be
      substantially more. But at this point, it establishes a base
      valuation, which could be a lot higher than the current
      $2.00 even without playing the Internet card. (Search
      for $4.20 to find this in the proxy)

      Now that
      the company got shareholder approval last friday...
      the last major obstacle has been removed. The CEO has
      publicly stated that they will be coming out with some
      major announcements concerning their internet business
      very shortly. The time to get in is now. Don't miss
      this one. As always, I encourage you to do your own
      due diligence, I am sure you will find it well worth
      your time.

    • quick short short trade

    • First I am going to take a bow on behalf of all
      AOL longs. Now I am going to tell you to kiss off.
      Son, you just don't get it. Volume is on track for AOL
      avg. daily volume. It is being moderated because the
      fear is not yet alleviated completely. The 13 million
      in volume in the first 2 hours of trading doesn't
      seem sagging to me. The price is going up on this
      volume dope because there are not sellers. Economics
      teaches us that it doesn't matter whether you have one
      unit of 1 million units. It the holders are selling
      and demand is there the price goes up to incent
      selling. Goosh dumb dumb, think before thy

      Again, congrats AOL longs. Now then if Mr. Case will
      kindly solve the broadband issue and if Mr. Greenspan
      will not be be too harsh tomorrow, we can recover
      nicely as we head into earnings. 200 here we come!

    • ok i bought more at 93 on monday..we'll see who
      would be up in a month....where did you start your
      short from??? let's just do a friendly wager for july
      30 end date...whoever wins gets to kick eee mike's
      ass...are you on?

    • and we haven't hit 110 yet.
      I have an order
      in to short from 110. I'm just wondering whether or
      not to lower it.

      It's a great day to sell --
      like I said yesterday.
      Yesterday and today are
      great days to sell.


    • You are an idiot. How the hell is 15 million shares in two hours a low volume day. please it would be some much nicer if only educated posts made it to this board.

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