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  • twotowheads99 twotowheads99 Jun 17, 1999 4:29 PM Flag

    Can someone help me find the symbol for

    the internet company: inctomi??? I think I spelled it wrong also, thanks!!!!

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    • ebay and yhoo will pull all of you down the tube tomorrow
      as span speaks the ill.

    • and lost. Hey AOL longs didn't ask you guys to be stupid.
      Talk to your mom's.

    • You idiot
      by: ZeeDee8MyBux

      Exactly what is a "real ID" on a Yahoo bbs?

      #2, I
      am not your friend Darcy

      #3, Ask your
      probation officer what "OCD" means.

      #4, GFYS.

    • Hello Folks: AOL has a nice run UP!
      Here is
      your regular update for Friday, June 18. All of you
      who are getting regular updates will receive the FREE
      charts (all others, please e-mail me at , The Report and the Dow Charts are FREE!). To
      view and read the graphs-trendlines, please use
      Microsoft Word 7.0 - Open your Misrosoft Drawing Toolbars -
      Click on View, select Toolbars, and check
      The trading day on Thursday: The Dow Jones Industrial
      Average rose for a fourth day, climbing 56.68, or 0.5
      percent, to close at 10,841.63 (despite the lower

      We have traded within the Uptrend Channel as
      bouncing off (down) after reaching the Top of the Channel
      around 10,850 (See 60 min. Chart!)! In addition, The
      Index closed second day in a row above the Main
      Trendline (See Daily-1 year Chart!). The testimony by
      Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan bolstered
      confidence that interest rates won't need to rise much to
      head off inflation - It's apparent the Fed will raise
      rates at least one quarter-point move. If it does not
      happen at some point on June 30 it will confuse the
      Market...I was expecting a Rally on bonds since Monday, as
      you know, with a short target 116.00 in the next two
      (2) weeks - the Bonds traded as of Friday, Jun 18
      1999, 12:17am EDT- US LONG BOND (CBT) Sep99 15:54
      116-04 +1-16, i.e. my two-week target of 116.00 was
      reached just for two days! As looking today's 60 min.
      chart, we can easily identify the key points of the New
      Uptrend Channel - Watch a move to the Upside (above
      10,850+), or to Downside (below 10,650-) for breakouts -
      However, The 60 min. Chart is completing reliable "V"
      formation (See 60 min. Chart!). This is just what the name
      indicates: A decline; A fast reversal and an Upmove, usually
      above or close to the previous highs, i.e.
      10,917...Occasionally, in bull markets, the changes come more slowly and
      gradually. But the pattern is always clear: A shift in
      investors' sentiment. Obviously, "V" formations are ideal
      for Short Selling. Thus, as approaching my first
      Selling Target 10,917, Sell S & P 500 - SPY traded on the
      AMEX. We are suggesting to spread this position out
      over several days if the Rally continues above 10,917.
      Short into the rallies!

      Our Positions in
      Japanese Yen: Position make at 119.20; S/L at 119.70; P/T
      at 118.50;

      If the DJIA reaches 10,900, the
      odds are very strong that the June 7 peak (of 10,917)
      will be exceeded and a test of the May 13 peak will
      occur between Tomorrow and Monday, i.e 11,100...I
      believe this test will fail and the decline will resume
      as the "V" formation will be completed! I believe
      the decline will end during the first three weeks in
      July - Don't forget the raise of interest rates - The
      fed action would be on June 30... Tomorrow's
      concurrent expiration of stock options and futures and index
      futures will effect the trading session, not huge, but
      there is going to be upward pressure. If we Open above
      fair value we will definitely sustain a
      Rally-Continuation, - if we break 10,850+ watch for a possible
      reversal at 10,917...If we Open lower (below fair value)
      we can retrace down the bottom of the channel, i.e.
      current spot 10,750, and then a reverse UP. If we sustain
      the Rally over 10,917 in high volume, you can go Long
      again as buying Internet stocks, banks and financials,
      and the computer chip stocks...Lam Research (I
      pointed out last week!) has a tremendous run! However, we
      always have to watch for the Downside: Assuming that an
      ultimate target of 10,917 is reached, watch for a bouncing
      to the downside towards 10,450 (See the weekly
      chart!): Watch for a break through (down!) in the
      following days the Dow's 10,450 (a critical support!),
      further watch for an important bottom 10,200-10,250 -
      which is also 25% retracement since the major bottom of
      7,400 (11,200-7,400=3,800; 3,800 X 25%=950;
      11,200-950=10,250!!!). I will look 10,250 as a major bottom of the Dow!

    • is now worth $250,000. The shorts are right, what
      a loser of a stock. NOT! They are just jealous that
      5 years ago, they did not have the vision, they
      were busy bashing MSFT and CSCO and DELL, other new
      technology companies that were going to be squashed by newer
      technology and competition.

      NEWS FLASH: The big just
      get bigger. AOL is the most connected company on the
      internet. They have many more times the revenue of any
      other net stock, they are 19 times bigger than the #2
      ISP, and it's only 33% of their revenues, soon to be
      10% due to their diversification and foot in EVERY
      DOOR on the internet.

    • Why don't you take your low class filth and get the hell off this board.You are a degenerate.

    • TheOneAndOnly_TheAnnouncer TheOneAndOnly_TheAnnouncer Jun 18, 1999 12:51 AM Flag

      cunt. Almost as tight as her little ass.

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