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  • bullrally99 bullrally99 Aug 2, 1999 4:16 AM Flag

    aol a good buy @ low 90s

    go lower. check out w w w . bullrally . com

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    • stuck so far up there?

    • short squeeze? Lol
      you longs couldnt squeeze your asses long enough to blow your noses!

    • that this stock just keeps selling off into any rallys,very weak sign,no bottom in sight.

    • don't try and scare people out of aol, Case and his coherts could not sell till the netscape deal time limit expired so go scare someone else with your shorty mentality!

    • Road Runner has over 300,000.

    • speed in the need

    • Most of my friends are astonished at the
      capabilities of my modem. Downloading MP3's take seconds, my
      collection is huge.
      Streaming video looks excellent, full
      motion, no choppy stop action video here. Flash and
      Shockwave websites make me drool.
      There are only 750,000
      of us right now. @Home has 500,000 and RoadRunner
      has the rest. Apparently the government is watching
      us closely from what I have read. So much for
      privacy eh? It is kinda cool to be priveledged enough to
      have it this early in the game. Some areas will never
      get broadband at all. Don't be fooled though. It is
      not always so speedy. If a web site is extremely
      popular... like HotMail, at peak times things get
      Also, as the subscriber base expands, that will also
      create more drag of the bandwidth, so I am told. But for
      now, I just zip thru cyberspace like no tommorrow.
      Vrrrooommmm Vrrroooommmmm!!!!

    • any wireless/satellite link development for AOL
      will not only be good, it will be
      revolutionary...iridium is weak now but in years to come it will be a
      great backup for globalstar; all globalstar and iridium
      message boards have been extremely busy and interest is
      very high no matter how much they owe....the
      integrated globalstar and iridium message board networks can
      be found through links on OSS

      message activity has been phenomenal and this is a big
      plus for not just AOL but all the internet stocks and
      NASDAQ as well....

    • weaknes in AOL came from foreign interest
      pullout..., not from some complicated earnings estimates and
      reports..., and was a local European phenomenon linked to a
      weak euro....AOL continues to be strong in US and
      showed great strength last week in market bloodbath...,
      turnaround for AOL and NASDAQ will show in volume, not in
      stale earnings reports, old news already....projections
      do not apply when market is where it should

    • see The-Adviser .com for full research brief

      After digesting the latest quarterly and fiscal year
      results from
      America Online, our analysts were
      stunned by the sudden
      slow down in America Online's
      growth. The recent quarter to
      quarter growth (Q4 to
      Q3) rate of 4% was the Company's
      slowest since
      March 1997 when AOL was troubled with access

      problems and bad press. Prior to that, the numbers were
      higher. In fact, in Q3 1999, quarter to quarter
      growth (Q3 to Q2)
      rates approximated 12%. During the
      same period in the last
      two years, we estimate
      seasonal growth rates of at least 7%. If
      this 4%
      growth rate continues in the year 2000, we estimate

      that AOL's annual growth rate will decline from 34% to
      21% -
      all before consideration of AOL's free
      pricing model in Europe
      and possible price cuts in
      the US access market. This has
      major negative
      implications for the stock.

      Assuming AOL is impacted
      by a 25% reduction in pricing - either
      lower US pricing or growth in free services in Europe,
      financial results look substantially different.
      We estimate that
      recurring EBITDA (before
      charges, mergers, write-offs, etc.) would
      decline from
      21% of revenues to 12%. A 50% impact to pricing -

      would result in negative recurring EBITDA.

      What would the pricing of AOL's stock be? Let's take a
      look at
      Yahoo! for some guidance.

      Everybody knows that Yahoo! earns no annuity type

      subscription revenue.
      Everybody knows that Yahoo! has
      exploding e-commerce and
      advertising revenue.

      Everybody knows that Yahoo, whose stock has fallen from
      high of $244 to $136 has a market capitalization
      of $27 billion.
      This compares to AOL's market
      capitalization of $104 billion.

      In a market moving
      towards free Internet access does AOL deserve
      a 285%
      price premium to Yahoo!. If parity was reached, AOL's
      price would have to decline to about $29 to
      achieve a market
      capitalization in Yahoo's ballpark.
      We could be aggressive and say
      that Yahoo is
      undervalued and should have a market capitalization of

      $50 billion. This would result in a stock price of
      $50 for AOL.

      Impossible you say. Ask Steve
      Case. He could have sold at $175
      instead of $97. We
      think he knows something. Now you do too.

      see full article at the-adviser .com

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