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  • striderbreck striderbreck Aug 22, 1999 9:40 PM Flag

    Insider trading by AOL is troubling...

    Even though long on AOL, I am not comfortable
    with the recent large increase of insider trading
    selling being transacted by AOL executives. Last night, I
    examined the insider-trading history chart of AOL. Looking
    back at their recent history one year history of
    insider trading, since July 30th of 1999, there does seem
    to be recent spurt indicating an ABNORMAL level of
    insider trading filings by the top honcho's of AOL. I
    invite other longs here to also view these recent
    filings. Compare these recent filings with the last year
    history of trading by AOL executives and make your own
    judgement. To me, this is more than just typical business
    activity. Does anyone know once they file to sell these
    shares, when does the actual transaction take place?
    Thanks for any info.

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    • a person who gets bashed on this board . he is an
      idiot , he lies his ass off ! when AOL bottoms he goes
      short and gets killed everytime. he fu@ks his mother
      and sister and they live in Utah ( just a guess ).
      you wont see him for a while because AOL is going up
      . he comes out on bad days and claims he went
      short. dont listen to this jerk, treat him like the
      weeds in your garden !

    • <EOM>

    • I've heard several brokers talking about Casino
      (CSNO) getting back to it's original IPO price of

      Why? I checked the price and I see we can get in @
      $.75 maybe even $1.00, well $5.00 would give me over
      500%. I haven't seen such a nice run since AOL had it's
      run. I've been sitting on the sidelines for a month,
      since the correction started. I might pick up some
      tomorrow around 11:00.

      Does anyone else have any
      idea about this stock? I see plenty of posting on
      this. What's up??

      Email me if u


    • aol doesnt look promising to me. maybe it will start going up soon. so far its looking weak. too much news, not enough buyers

    • No way. I just got into AOL last week. First
      Internet stock I owned. Internets were considered too
      volitile, now the internet is settling down and people
      realize they need to find a good growth company in a
      market that is beginning to look over valued. AOL is the
      leader in the interntet and will be in years to come. I
      can't believe anyone would short this stock for more
      than maybe a 5% correction. Too much upside potential!
      Anyone bashing AOL is either drunk or stupid, OR BOTH.
      $110 with in 2 weeks. 130 by end of SEPT.


    • or just an idiot ?

    • Get real! The internet, commerce and development
      continues to be the most explosive growth industry

      Forrester Research and ton of other private and public
      organizations all confirm, this is not a flash in the pan
      industry! The growth numbers are staggering! Domains are
      disappearng at a rate of 100,000 per month, double last years

      Internet Commerce is expected to triple this year, and
      grow at least double each preceding years

      If your in the industry this all daily knowledge, if
      your just a one shot investor, you not only miss the
      point but also the profits.

      I encourage you
      to short the hell out of AOL! The only only way you
      will see $12.50, is if the company does a 10 for 1
      stock split. Not likely to happen in this life time.

    • Please help me. Where did Steve's free daily write up go? I returned from vacation and I don't see it on Yahoo's business section anymore. Thanks in advance.

    • company's stock, whether it be Michael Dell
      selling shares of DELL or B. Gates and Paul Allen selling
      shares of MSFT does'nt reflect on the company or it's
      stock's performance in any way, shape or form!

      For them, it's only a diversification
      strategy!...............after all, that's why they're billionaires and YOU'RE

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