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  • shrewdfool shrewdfool Sep 26, 1999 2:07 AM Flag

    The rumor may be totally untrue...but..

    if it isnt. THis is such a shitty deal for AOL. I
    dont know why they want EXCITE anyway. Plus ATHM
    subscribers would get free access to AOL on their interface?
    Why the hell wouldnt i cancel my AOL subscription and
    go to ATHM then, since i can now use AOL anyway, but
    for higher speed. Any thoughts?

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    • try to go there and and you will find it yourself. Do not
      trust on cut and paste messages.


    • I personally feel it would make absolute sense.
      AOL has what @home needs. (EYES). @home has what AOL
      may need in the future, broadband via cable. I think
      AOL's other broadband strategies ar sound as well, but
      the cable is a necesary piece to the equation. Once
      in place, AOL will continue to go up in value. THIS
      DEAL COULD BE HUGE and as a holder of both stocks, I
      will be very happy.

    • <EOM>

    • DO you really think these are new issues

      Do you really think AOL T AND ATHM leaked this ????

      Do you think this is a real source?

      DO you
      really think that this will go undenied ?

      Do you
      not see that Armstrong will lose credibility based on
      his last speech.

      NOTICE the dislaimers

      We could post this with a hundred dollar web site .

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    • Its not a bad deal for AOL ,because WallStreet
      investors were so concerned about AOL's broadband strategy.
      ATHM being the only public cable internet provider
      will do a lot for AOL stock. As far as uyou said about
      why wouldn't anybody cancel AOl and get ATHM while
      getting AOL for free, let them , AOl will definitely
      getting a cut from ATHM for providing the content to
      them. This is too early but I think by Nov 99 to Jan
      2000 this deal can be announced. The deal could be
      pretty complex or a simple buyout of ATHM by AOL, the
      later would be more beneficial to AOL, or else it would
      depend on the details of the deal.. Any way it would be
      a huge deal in terms of AOL in long run and the
      stock would continue to fly. If that deal happens, I
      will raise my target to AOL to 300, in about 6 to 9
      months. With a split anticipated somewhere in that
      period. SO be patient and don't sell your AOL , buckle up
      and the the UP ride to 300..

      • 2 Replies to rizwiz35
      • this am. I already checked NY TIMES and other
        daily's. Also on the net. The link to the story posted
        here locks up my system and will not load. Even if I
        go to the site directly. I own about 1400 aol and
        1000 shs of athm. I would like to believe this rumor
        is accurate, but unfortunately i think its just
        that....rumor and speculation. There is no evidence that
        anything out of the ordinary is going on. Even Yhoo has no
        news of this sort.

        Someone please prove me
        wrong. .....And do not give me that link that was posted
        all last night. Screws up my syystem so that I have
        to cold boot.

      • When Growth Is the 'Problem,' Tech Prices Aren't

        Article concludes:

        "Tech stocks
        are overpriced? Yes, Steve, they are. But

        investors, for better or worse, can't get over the idea that

        technology still is the most promising growth
        business of the
        new millennium, and probably the
        millennium after that as well.
        You've got to give
        people a much better reason to sell many
        stocks than simply that Steve Ballmer thinks they're too

        expensive. What might be a better reason to sell?
        If the economy skids into recession. If tech
        companies' earnings collapse. If the Y2K computer bug
        renders all electronic systems useless. If an extremely
        large sinkhole swallows Silicon Valley.
        Or if the
        Fed, under Greenspan, raises interest rates again

        when policymakers meet Oct. 5 and announces that there
        be many more increases to come, until the
        economy finally
        slows decisively. But as stocks in
        general slide further, finally taking tech shares down as
        well, it's worth noting that the key "problem" dogging
        the market this time around is stronger worldwide
        economic growth and its side effects (in particular,
        perhaps a little more inflation). That's a much better
        problem to be facing than the threat of global recession
        or depression. A growth environment is one in which
        many companies, and stocks, ought to fare quite well.
        Maybe Ballmer has rung the closing bell for the great
        1990s bull market. But there's another strong
        possibility: The Fed on Oct. 5 raises rates, or doesn't--but
        either way signals it is moving to the sidelines. In
        this exceedingly pessimistic market, that could be all
        it takes to bring buyers back to Wall Street. "

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