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  • mcbob_us mcbob_us Oct 9, 1999 3:35 PM Flag



    I Lost Dough By Joe "Robin" Hood

    My name is
    JOE and I lost DOUGH
    Blaming someone for my losses
    and Miss Margin's 10 K she said I OWE
    Damn, am I
    that LOW?
    Mad inexperience blame yourself I'm
    Fuck you "Mr. Dinky Sir I quit" with my life savings
    trading stocks on an account barely two hours OLD
    seemed so EASY, a "K" in a day so what the stock was
    The ceo said .com so I got 500 of THESE G
    I had no
    idea it'd use no vaseline SEE
    At the very least I
    thought it'd be GREASY

    A fine girl named Liz said
    tune in her show so not to be SOLO
    "We got stock to
    buy folks" proclaimed Maria "the Taco Bell Dog"
    OH NO, after two weeks I learned that was the signal
    for me to buy high and SELL LOW
    Yo B, I know it's
    not your fault THOUGH
    But between me and you Z
    since Neilson got you PAID, ya'll must fight all the
    time about the contradictions you gotta keep at

    Well back to my broker for SUPPORT, he'll take any
    trade anytime, a day late or going long though everyone
    including his fat ass mama is SHORT
    No more long term,
    it was all a HOAX
    Buffet caught the pyramid
    suckers saw him gettin his car and grabbin his
    The jig is up kinda just like MONOPOLY
    dough's worldwide but no bang? Fool, it's gonna end
    Ipo up 60 on the first day of TRADING
    Bitch, it's
    really down 40 from 100 stop PERPETRATING
    rates rising I say what the FUCK
    Stocks should go
    down but did you see the last quote was UP?
    Dows up 100 know what button I'm gonna TOUCH
    too big I gotta get mine B, WHAT UP?
    Markets? Get for real it's your FAULT
    Nyse, Nasdaq
    where the fuck are the tradi

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    • if I told you I had some accurate system for
      interpreting market direction. I am probably more wrong than
      right but I do read a lot of economic news on a daily
      basis - sometimes up to an hour each day, just to get a
      feel for what is going on in the market. That's it:
      really just the gut. I can tell you I have learned more
      from my investing mistakes than my successes.

      I do believe this, 100%: the internet is just
      beginning to change all of our lives and AOL, in the years
      ahead, will be right at the front in terms of the
      evolution/revolution of the internet. I only regret that I didn't jump
      on the AOL bandwagon years ago like many longs here.
      I only went long on AOl earlier this year.

      Truthfully, I admire those original AOl longs who have
      continued to see their stock investments increase into the
      many thousands of percent by being wise enough to hold
      on. Because they had the vision to look long term,
      they deserve the benefits they are reaping. However,
      AOL's stock rise is by no means over. Stay long, and
      stay strong is my motto. Best of luck on your
      investments stoxrox.

    • What signs do you look for when determining the direction of the overall market. Is price action the main criteria. Also, how accurate is you system for interpreting market direction. Thanks.

    • sell on the truth ; on the other hand, Bad news : Sell on the rumor and buy on the truth. There is no fear when all the bad news comes out. AOL will go up next week. EOM

    • You are very welcome and thanks for your post. Long time no see!
      I hope you are doing well.

    • your posts.

    • as we all indulge in a little fun and fantasy. I
      just got off the voice chat with WPCHAM a few minutes
      ago. On the voice chat everyone is their plain normal
      selves sans bravado. Most of the
      people are great
      and knowing via the chat has been a
      experience. To go across America and engage in conversation
      not only about investments but every day common
      occurences, well I've come to the conclusion that the country
      is on firm footing.

      We talk about everything;
      dreams, victories, defeats, basic values. It's very
      exhilarating! Now the boards, thats another thing! But hey
      sometimes we have to test the extremes and what safer
      medium than the boards. hehehe

      In fact, Wednesday
      I'll be having dinner with Chicky and Jettapup. I'vs
      already met them in person and they're pretty good
      people. I guess on the boards, it's Halloween every day!

    • for a while. tighting whenever he wants, but just don't make noise form time to time. maybe he has tons of short position today to cover?!

    • all_the_funny_names_are_taken all_the_funny_names_are_taken Oct 15, 1999 11:08 PM Flag

      are they going to announce more about the Excite/@home deal?

    • Hey, you scoundrel, I was just talking about you
      and your board.

      I'm a little concerned that
      I'm not more worried. I was thinking of inventing a
      worry-o-meter that I could use. I'd enter the economic data and
      the speeches of Greenspan (that would the the hardest
      part) and my portfolio and what Maria had on today and
      it could tell me how much to worry. Insana gets
      grumpy when we don't worry enough.

      I'm cautious.
      I didn't buy today. But I'm looking at buying next
      week in nibbles.

      Here's a story for you from
      the WSJ __ you should like it. There's something for
      everyone here.

      Two Fears Are Key Factors In Battle
      Over 'Open Access'

      I watched part of the game tonight. It was too
      funny about the little spats going on between the
      teams. (Sound familiar?)

      Yep, I'd like to do that
      chat sometime. And..I'll be thinking of you and your
      buddies on the 20th. I hope we will all be high on life
      but perhaps indulging in a little toast of some kind.

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