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  • eric_yister eric_yister Oct 22, 1999 4:23 PM Flag's just a normal

    .yhoo, amzn,
    athm and aol were all down. No stock goes up straight.
    It's just a consolidation. Even MSFT was down even
    with their blow-out numbers. We're entering the Nov &
    Dec months which are traditionally good months for
    internet stocks. Stay calm...we're still up more than 10
    points this week. We should all be thankful for this.
    AOL chart pattern indicates that uptrend has not

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    • Owned by CMGI, MSFT, and DELL Computer.

    • Check out CMGI's NAVI ipo up 150% Friday AT ONE
      POINT 236%.
      NAVI's best of breed techologies and
      strategic partnerships are the key drivers here. Supporting
      applications such as e-commerce, streaming,content
      distribution, imaging, databases, adserving, web reporting,
      application rental's are key components of NaviSite. Looking
      at their strategic partners which include Microsoft
      Sun Microsystems,Compaq,Cisco Systems, Oracle,
      Arrowpoint BMC Software, Cybercash, Engage Technologies,Open
      Market,MicroMuse,Veritas, Telemon among others they are positioned to
      provide best of breed technologies across the board.

      Load balancing, tape backing, database clustering,
      dedicated fast ethernet port (100 megs a port
      +!!),encrypted VPN, router based ACL's, on demand burstable
      bandwith, built in redundancy, and a key differentiator
      above Exodus is that NAVI uses private transit while
      Exodus uses private peering (this gives you 5 compaines
      to the internet and the most efficient manor..i.e
      UUNET etc) Exodus is limited through their backbone and
      has limited content distribution in comparison
      because it competes with best of breed companies.
      NaviSites scability, network, service offerings, service
      response (2 seconds while Exodus is in the minutes).

      NaviSite's application hosting and serving and their ISV
      program are beyond the competition exponentially. While
      Exodus focuses on commodity driven co-location, NaviSite
      focuses on managed services. I could go on and on, but
      their are some key components of NaviSite that set's
      them apart from the competition. Also, being a CMGI
      company with DELL and MicroSoft as minority owners
      doesn't hurt either.

    • Seems SCMR should have its own Message board on Yahoo Finance. ANyone know how to do this? I'm at a loss and it would sure be useful. Thanks in advance to whomever gets it going.

    • me laugh you windbag piece of garbage. You are
      like a turd on the ground to me. I can pick you up
      with a shovel and throw you under the tree, or I can
      step on you and squash your smelly ass. Or you can dry
      up and blow away in the wind. How do I know you have
      a CPA, you probably made that up - just to one up
      me. I'm not impressed with your fictitous financial
      exploits, and I'm sick of listening to your windbag, over
      blown posts on the AOL message board. I must have
      really touched a nerve to set you off. I'm glad to have
      been of service to tell you something you didn't know.
      Any time you need to know what is really up with
      stocks, just let me know.

      You idiot. Now don't go
      away mad, just go away.

    • aol and all nuts crash next week! dow soared and aol sunk just like all the nets! these stocks are worse than Vegas! fools!

    • And I don't think anyone cares about your level
      of education:

      "I don't think no one real
      cares about your supposed wealth or

      Is that like a double negative which means everyone
      cares about the poster's wealth and education? Or it
      could mean only those that are not "real" care. I also
      think VW used LOL at the end of the message in a
      positive fashion. At least I'm hoping it was a joke,
      because a degree in accounting and a CPA and 3 years
      experience with a CPA firm only ensures that one has
      experience counting petty cash and doing inventory. VW,
      thanks for your posts and keep up the good work.

    • perfect but he is alot better at reading the
      short term picture than most people. By a country

      It just depends on whether you think the short term
      picture is worth chasing. He does, I don't. Not THAT
      short term, anyway.

      But I have to give credit
      where it is due.

    • eom.

    • bashing one another & touting your business savy
      and the amount of profit you made (whether real or
      fictitous) will not help your cases. People with real wealth
      do not boast about their money. People with real
      intellect also do not dicuss their educational backgound.
      No place for ego-trip on this board. Just dicsuss
      the fundamentals of AOL...that's all. I don't think
      no one real cares about your supposed wealth or

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