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  • stuart_is_here stuart_is_here Nov 24, 1999 7:13 PM Flag

    Broker says hold these 4 stocks

    long and they will make you wealthy - AOL, ARBA, PHCM, RHAT. What do you think?

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    • me as the one with no clue, because we appear to be on the same side.

    • from today's Red Herring

      Perhaps the most frightening thing for the e-commerce
      upstarts, however, is the consolidation of power among the
      elite brokers of Internet eyeballs: America Online
      (NYSE: AOL), Yahoo, and

      It's going
      to become more and more difficult for the new crop
      of Internet companies, especially those focused on
      e-tailing and Web-based consumer services, to gain a
      foothold in the market. As the market expands, in fact,
      the early entrants appear stronger than ever before

    • DSL will not be available to all homes at this
      point... not sure what the % is, but here are some of the
      limiting factors

      Distance to the telco central
      office - DSL isn't viable beyond 2-3 miles, which is the
      case for me, and no, I don't live in the sticks. DSL
      is available for the CO that serves me, but SBC says
      I am not qualified due to distance (I know someone
      2 miles away who has it and he loves it). Hopefully
      technology will address that soon.

      Bridge taps and
      load coils - these pieces of equipment were used in
      the voice environment to improve quality - they have
      to be removed for DSL to be viable. Also I think
      there may be a problem if you are served by a remote CO
      swith rather than a host switch (not 100% sure on that

      I would love to have DSL. I have been
      waiting for it for years. But it looks like cable modem
      might be the solution that gets to me first.

    • I do know that DSL will have the country 80%
      covered in 1 year. Cable has only 20% coverage right now.
      ANd yes, Cable lines requeire digging up old lines
      and placing new ones. U are teh one with no clue

    • technology (which, as an ATHM long, you don't),
      you wouldn't have made these statments.

      depends on phone company, but perhaps you could fathom
      that cable depends on the cable company.

      Do you
      know the cost difference between deploying DSL -vs-
      cable? Do you know the current coverage of DSL -vs-

      It would be great if someone had numbers on these.

    • they have broadband to themseleves for 3
      What do they actually have/own that makes them so
      special, technology, huge number of subscribers, or

      Aren't they still kind of a dinky company?

      I don't see ATHM as a threat to AOL. It just
      something ATHM longs use to justify their investment.

    • 1995 was very very risky. almost tanked in 1995
      and again in 1996. stock dropped 70% in 1997.
      Notwhitstanding many mistakes they have come out of the pack as
      the leader with noone even a close second. Much
      better investment now with unlimited potential. Buy my
      friend buy.

    • csco to get rich. I DOUBLED MY MONEY IN LESS
      than 6 months.

    • stewart_on_ameritrade stewart_on_ameritrade Nov 24, 1999 11:24 PM Flag

      DSL requires upgrades to existing service and that takes time. Aol must depend on the phone companies to roll this out.

    • stewart_on_ameritrade stewart_on_ameritrade Nov 24, 1999 11:14 PM Flag

      I am looking to grow money like owning Aol from
      1995. I just dont think Aol with its present market cap
      can do that anymore. All I am saying is the next
      phase of this internet revolution is broadband and Aol
      is way behind cable, and ATHM has it to themselves
      till 2003. WSJ had an interview with the guy in
      mondays paper 11-22-99. It had some good insight. They
      should have done the deal!!!

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