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  • screeminee screeminee Jun 18, 2013 10:58 AM Flag

    No news is no news.

    And there's no news. Day after day, I'm more and more worried about my investment with STVF. This has been the apparent target of a pnd last year, and the whole thing is really looking sketchy. The company expects to need more cash to continue as a going concern in the short term, and I'm not hearing anything about plans for... well, anything at this point. I feel this industry has some good potential, and if STVF can produce a patented product or process, they MIGHT be positioned for a buyout, but... it seems the prospects for a viable industry level operation are slim based on the lack of any tangible progress toward a goal.

    Please tell me I'm wrong. And bring the good news.

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    • You do not need to fear the integrity of this company. The company has licensed the novel fermentation process from Vineland (as my contributor below mentions. Additionally, the company has undergone and commenced field growing trials and initiated a collaboration with Seed Dynamics for pelletized planting. Furthermore, the company CEO has a personal blog and social media presence.

      In regards to the company's potential--the sky's the limit--but Rome wasn't built in a day. It is likely that a big company will one day acquire STVF--and that would bring profits to us all.

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      • That is a hopeful outlook, and one that I have taken as well. I see this company as a small player looking to innovate basically a single technology that is valuable to one of the heavies, and then sell for a nice premium. The problem lies in the scope of the mission- to create a 'vertically integrated' industry player from scratch, on the hope that an unproven idea will blossom into a game changer... this is how it's done, I suppose, and there is no reward without risk. If STVF is able to produce this golden goose, perhaps my small investment will turn into my retirement fund... I'm adding another 10K shares soon if pps dips to .34 again, then biting my nails and not watching for another 6 months...

    • From what I've read, and I only started following this company about a month or 2 ago, is that they already have a world-wide patented fermentation process--a process that is, so far, the only way to make wide-spread commercially and economically viable stevia in the United States. A process that Cargill's stevia producing partner has already admitted to using in their development of a stevia product, which would already provide licensing revenues for Stevia First (read this in one of the CEO's blog posts, which im sure you have all read).

      In my mind, this patented fermentation process is in itself worth more than the company is valued at (based on nothing but critical reasoning from myself)

      As of the last 10-k, the company reported to have enough money to last 6-12 months. This was due to expenditures in their field studies and their attempt to launch a new product. Accordingly, we will start to hear news about these two things certainly before they run out of money--They couldn't justify running out of money that they purported to be spending on these developments without any update on said developments. The 10-k came out what, a month and a half ago? You would imagine that had the latest information on the company's developments, so I wouldn't even expect another one until the end of this quarter.

      The one thing that concerns me, and is keeping me away from initiating a position RIGHT NOW is potential dilution. There are 55 million shares outstanding right now and only 58 million in shares possible outstanding right now (meaning if all debt and options holders exercise their equity options, only 3 million more shares will be added). This is surprisingly low for a company in the positino STVF is in. However, everywhere in the 10-k you see warnings about how future financing will almost definitely come with warrants/convertible debt instruments that have dilutive effects on common stock. This will hurt common stock value and is the one thing that worries me.

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