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  • holikanoli holikanoli Feb 3, 2009 10:40 AM Flag

    Good Potential

    Agreed 110%. It won't be overnight, but 2-5 years out, this company will either be bought out or have considerable licensing agreements / sales. Either way, price/share will be many times what it is today.

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    • In my mind, the latest press release regarding Raytheon
      resolves the only reservation I had. Something will have to go drastically wrong for me to consider this anything other than a no-brainer. The universe of possibilities is mind-staggering. I'm guessing there was a point in time when Bill Gates had a moment when he could have a small glimpse of what the future might hold for what he was creating. Ultimately, it impacted the way everybody does everything. Call me silly, but I think this could be that kind of a development as well. We'll see.

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