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  • markdumasjr markdumasjr May 7, 2012 5:37 PM Flag

    My trip to Best Buy for a 40 inch television.

    6 minute bus ride. $5 cab ride back.

    Cost of shortest possible zip car rental and parking with tax. $16.50.

    Any questions?

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    • ...alright...point made...maybe ;)...don't you get all the movies you want in a month for 7.99 from netflix, while you can only rent 8 at redbox for that price ;)

    • You missed my point. I suggest that people will spend money for a convenience as their first priority. Saving money may not be a priority or even important. Not everyone has the same set of values you do.

      Let me give you another example. It's much cheaper to rent videos at Redbox ... I prefer to pay more for the service of Netflix. That decision is based on my values. Someone who values money more than convenience in this instance, will make a trip to a Redbox. Nobody is right or wrong. My point is behavior is based on what a person values.

    • Yes...for this service it does...supposedly people sign up for zip to save is ALL ABOUT SAVING MONEY...which is why I question the business model because one doesn't save any money using the service...

    • Does it always have to be about saving money? How about basing it on what an individual values. It's simple as that. I could save money by cancelling my cable tv subscription and purchase an antenna to place on top of my house. But I don't care to because I value the service.

    • I did not say that fractional ownership of cars does not make sense...I just said zip car is not fractional ownership, its a rental car company...there is no car sharing about the end of the day/rental the user owns nothing. Fractional ownership implies that the user OWNS a piece of the I said, if you, me, and somebody else got together to buy and share a car...we might have a good idea...this is NOT AT ALL what zip car is.

    • Congrats on getting a high score.

      I own a car in the city so that I can drive to places I desire to go.

    • What are the odds that those two other posters were you agreeing with yourself?

      Car ownership makes no sense in urban areas yet people there own cars. Club car sharing makes no sense either yet thousands do it in urban areas.

      You feel like you didn't get a great deal while others do. To argue that this program doesn't make sense it utterly JV.

    • Perhaps fractional ownership makes sense...however I would call zip, rental, not fractional ownership. If you, me, and it my buddy mitchell went in together on buying a car and used some social media to share it amongst ourselves, then we might have some fractional ownership that might make some sense.

    • I would say similarly as a young/early middle age person that car ownership in the city doesn't make sense

    • I'm 29...I got a 172/ 99 percentile score on the lsat...I trade stocks...I don't think car ownership in a city makes sense at all. I moved to the city so I would not have to own a car. I'm moving to New York after law school so I can continue to do without a car. Many friends my age feel the same...I don't know what to say...Why do you own a car in the city?

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