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  • coldwintergas coldwintergas Jul 12, 2011 12:53 PM Flag

    retail investors will never come back; fed up with the big boys games

    retail investor will never come back.

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    • Facts should speak for themselves, but I am growing tired of the "blame game" when someone shouts it's time to stop.

      Instead of agreeing, the borrowing and deficit spending is getting outrageous, we hear that "well, so and so, your guy (or party) did it" which is an innane method of saying it must be ok, when it's obviously not.

      Then we hear that the rich aren't paying their fair share. What is their "fair" share.

      Then we hear the rich and rich corporations aren't creating jobs (to paraphrase one of our own nutcases from inner Houston, it's to make the accusation that the wealthy folks in this country want to ruin the Obama Presidency). Why would they risk additional investment when someone in DC could very well stop them dead in their tracks? NLRB vs. Boeing, SC.

      These nutcases in DC say one thing, do another. As do some of the nuts in charge in the neast and left coast.

    • Sorry, no insult intended.

      The supposed "fact" that sticks in my craw is the assertion that the budget was balanced under Clinton (only after he was saddled with a Republican Congress).

      The budget was only balanced, if you ignored all the off-balance sheet liabilities for entitlements. Although private business also saw some fraud in regard to the accounting for future pension and health care liabilities, the level of fraud committed by the politicians was at another order of magnitude.

      Clinton was also a temporary recipient of a spike in tax revenues as a result of the bubble.

      The focus needs to be on Big Government vs. Limited Government. Most Americans want to see a reasonable safety net remain in place. They voted at the Mid-Term Election, however, against an ever-expanding government and higher taxes.

      Government at the Federal, State and Local level, plus employment in regulated monopolies such as the U.S.P.S., utilities and money center banks now approaches, or may exceed 50 percent of American workers. Greece was at about 75 percent.

      This is a trend that kills growth and competitiveness. We are falling behind in a world wide competition made possible by the networking effect. We need to shrink the public share of the economy and spur growth. Growth is the only solution to our economic mess.

      However, in the short term, austerity will mean more unemployment and hardship. State and local governments have already hit the wall. Their borrowing costs are already rising, the stimulus money is running out and they are cutting payrolls.

      Facts are hard to discern. Most statistical analysis is flawed by the biases of the researchers. They pick and choose those factors that make their case. But common sense helps to cut through the B.S. The American currency has lost >90 percent of the value it had 100 years ago. Why? How long will it take for our politicians to rob the Country's savings by another 90 percent?


    • Actually, I'm not spoon fed by ANY media. They, liberal or conservative, are mostly incompetent. Journalist have to meet deadlines. As a result, the facts are often suspect. Plagiarism is rampant in print media, and TV is about soundbites and ratings. It's NOT news in any form or fashion.

      So, if you must know, the data presented in the previous post is MY analysis based upon federal budget data from the Government Printing Office. Feel free to check my facts about the deficit spending and PAYGO.

      Do NOT disagree about both parties. Obama is surrounded by incompetence and youth. It's not a pretty combination. Please present a rebuttal with data - not opinion. If I want that, I watch the media.

    • Joker,

      Your choise of "facts" is spoon fed by Liberal Media.

      America has seen an expansion of the size and scope of Government over the past 80 years that has changed the character of the country.

      However, the real disaster was set in motion in the mid-sixties with the unfunded entitlement obligations of Lyndon Johnson's Great Society. Medicare was added to Social Security with inadequate funding. The result was the depletion of the Social Security Trust Fund.

      Both parties has been responsible for wildly excessive spending so that the Federal Debt now equals approx. 100 percent of GDP.

      It is time to shrink the Government at every level. If we continue to grow the public sector, the private sector will become less competitive and will continue to shrink.

      Socialist societies mis-allocate resources and become uncompetitive. The Socialists reward failure and punish the successful. Why bother to work hard?

      The Obama Administration has attacked one business sector after another. The result of his policies is that the country may be sliding back into recession. Businesses are on a hiring strike. Can you blame them?


    • Get your facts straight. The Republican party is the party of "Deficits do NOT matter!" That philosophy started under Reagan continued with Bush 1 and mushroomed with Bush 2. The facts are those three presidential administrations account for 45% of the current deficit - about $6 Trillion. ALL Democratic Presidents account for 39% of the deficits / debt - $5.3 Trillion.

      The last Bush 2 budget had $1.4 Trillion deficit. Bush 2's deficit count was $3.5 Trillion in 8 short years. Obama was setup to inherit these unfunded mandates, and he has done nothing to fix it.

      You should also know Reagan passed the largest tax increase during peacetime, and it was two increases 1982 and 1984.

      It's the Republican "kool aid", and it's not any better than the "brown acid" from the Democrats.

      So, it's bemusing to watch the Republicans struggle with the fiscal mess they created. Oh! You do know the Republican controlled Congress allowed the PAYGO law expire at the end of 2002. PAYGO was a Gingrich / Clinton law designed to fund what you intend to spend. It is largely credited for the Clinton surplus from 1998 to 2001. Now, why did they do that?

      What a mess!

    • While I distrust the motives of the Republicans for their renewed focus on the deficit, I welcome the possibility that the electorate may become a bit more informed as to the reality that entitlements are bankrupting the country.

      People are angry, but they are easily misdirected by the Media.


    • >Michigan charges out of state owners a higher real estate tax rate (nearly double). Of course, this dual rate serves to further depress investment<

      Relatives in FL say the same thing happens there.

      Really tough time for Liberals justifying an economic meltdown caused by run-a-way deficits. They are having a tough time in board debates. They are in a melt down phase.

      Prediction, 2012 is going to be another rough election cycle for dems. I have never seen taxpayers/voters so po'd, nor as activated.

    • Retail will always play when profits are perceived. Greed. Gambling. I am smarter than you...

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