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  • edgar_reader edgar_reader Apr 24, 2009 1:42 PM Flag

    3T Dotty on IBKR

    HAWGWASH. There is a pump and dump scammer spoofing Dottywest, and calling himself "dottywesttt." The real Dottywest has been right about this dog all along, and should be seen as a real guide to why people who have bought this junk stock keep getting crushed. Dotty has performed a service. Scammers get buried under losses.

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    • I'm sure basers would not be missed if IBKR had edgar and dottywest removed from the board.

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      • Just put them on ignore, which is appropriate for people so ignorant. They want people to believe they cannot do anything wrong, but just come across as bored adolescents. By the way, I took a 17% loss on this stock and I'll sleep just fine, even though I made a mistake despite what I tried to find out about the company; when or if they start to invest, their attitudes will put them at far more risk than mine.

        I would add, though, that it would be in this company's best interest to provide their analysts better guidance, because it's akin to not telling the boss about something that would embarass him...and bosses don't like being embarassed. I looked at the what the forward PE would probably be given current earnings and the info in the CC and it looks a little undervalued at around 14. I would agree with earlier comments that anything above 15 this quarter would probably be hard to come by (I think the post said this was DEAD DEAD DEAD money), barring any unexpected positive news. It will be interesting to see if Schwab keeps this as an A1 stock this weekend, because their A&B stocks do factor news to a small extent.

        If any of the trailer trash consider the above to be pumping, they're about as sick as I expected. I had no vested interest in this stock other than to make money; I didn't, so the best I could do is to figure out how to lessen the odds of it happening in the future. Good luck! Hope your trades work better than this one did for me.

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