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  • alan_walkerless alan_walkerless Mar 23, 2003 10:19 PM Flag

    The biggest I told you so in history is

    The biggest I told you so in history is about to begin....

    Reports: Huge Iraqi Chemical Arms Factory Found

    Updated 9:26 PM ET March 23, 2003

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. forces on Sunday found what they believe to be a "huge" chemical weapons factory near the Iraqi city of Najaf, about 100 miles south of Baghdad, U.S. networks and the Jerusalem Post reported.

    Fox News and the Jerusalem Post, which had a reporter traveling with the U.S. forces, cited unidentified Pentagon officials as saying the facility was seized by the First Brigade of the U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Division as they advanced north toward Baghdad.

    About 30 Iraqi troops, including their commanding general, surrendered to U.S. forces as they overtook the installation, apparently used to produce chemical weapons, the Jerusalem Post reported.

    While the Iraqi troops surrendered without a fight, one U.S. soldier was lightly wounded when a booby-trap exploded as he was clearing the sheetmetal-lined facility, the report said.

    The 100-acre complex is adjacent to military barracks and surrounded by an electric fence, the report said.

    It was not immediately clear what chemicals were being produced at the facility, but both reports said the Iraqis had tried to camouflage the facility so it looked like the surrounding desert and would not be spotted from the air.

    ABC News cited one unidentified official as saying of the captured Iraqi general: "He is a potential gold mine of evidence about the weapons Saddam Hussein said he does not have."

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    • >The biggest I told you so in history is about to begin....

      Perhaps... but, I'd be REAL careful about touting this too much. Most of the reports coming out now seem to have backed away the assertion that this is any sort of 'smoking gun', but likely some dual-use facility that has little significance.

      After all, if this place were truly producing the kinds of chemical weapons we've all been told Iraq has, you can be damn sure that Bush and the media would be trumpeting the horns of joyous celebration right now.

      The fact that during the numerous encounters with Iraqi forces, and numerous missles fired at Kuwaiti so far, none have contained any chemical/biological weapons is as significant as anything else...

      Time will tell, but at this point we've seen nothing to 'justify' the assertions that Iraq has the WMD we allege.

    • Always remember what the old folk say.
      Believe nothing you read or hear and only half of what you see.
      When Bush put the office of disinformation into effect he promised it was just for use out side the county. Well all the news coming from Iraq is outside the country!

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      • A lot of us 60's radicals were in our late teens during the Vietnam war. We fought against that war basically from the gut, without the years of life experience that we have now. We fought against that war simply because we knew it was wrong, without some of the more subtle moral nuances that we now bring to a similar conflict.

        In the years since, we've come to distrust the government and politicians after having seen Watergate, Iran Contra, the CIA selling drugs and having leaders assasinated, et. al. This has proven to be one of the most distressing trends of the latter 20th century. A country that has been known for its moral rectitude and transparent, up-front government has degenerated into supporting immoral actions by simply claiming them to be moral.

        And that's what distresses me the most about this war. It gives EVERYONE carte-blanche to lie. Bush states in a radio address that "We enter this war reluctantly." I'd hate to see him when he was ANXIOUS to get into a war. Nobody says it's wrong.

        40% of Americans, supported by a corporate-owned media that also owns bomb factories, believe that Saddam Hussein was directly responsible for 9/11, and since that belief is convenient to the administration, nobody points out the real truth. Nobody says it's wrong.

        A moral, stand-up man like Colin Powell finds himself in front of the UN arguing for war and supported by forged documents, unsupported allegations, and plagiarized schoolwork. Nobody says it's wrong.

        A community that was justifiably sickened by the horrors of WWII's Holocaust has been propagandized into believing that disagreeing with and distrusting the goals and actions of a foreign Israeli state is the same as anti-Semitism. And nobody says that's wrong.

        A President who came to power due to electorial "irregularities" in the state governed by his little brother is promising to bring that same sort of democracy to Iraq. That same president and his administration has managed to twist activists' acts of dissent and free discussion into the moral equivalent to treason. Again we hear, "If you don't agree, leave the country". Nobody says that's wrong.

        The PATRIOT Act and it's still-gestating little brother, PATRIOT II, reduce the Bill of Rights to just another piece of paper, destroying freedom in the name of freedom. And nobody says it's wrong.

        Folks, it's wrong, and we are ALL dirtier for it.

    • Hmmmmn....Jerusalem Post and FOX News (O'Reilly maybe?)....Now there's a couple of unbiased, reliable news sources. How about this one?

      Pentagon downplays accounts of Iraqi chemical weapons factory discovery

      WASHINGTON (AFP) Mar 24, 2003
      The Pentagon said late Sunday that reports of allied forces having discovered a "huge" chemical weapons factory in central Iraq were "premature."

      "Media reports are premature," the US Central Command said, in a brief statement read by Pentagon spokesman Major James Cassella. But he added: "We are looking into sites of interest."

      Earlier, citing a senior defense official, media reported the discovery by US forces of the factory at An Najaf, some 160 kilometers (100 miles) south of Baghdad.

      Fox News said coalition troops were holding the general in charge of the facility.

      And, according to ABC News, one official said the general could be "a potential gold mine" of information about the production and location of weapons of mass destruction the United States has accused Iraqi President Saddam Hussein of hiding.

      Since the US-led war was launched on Baghdad early Thursday, no weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq, Pentagon officials have so far said.

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