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  • supermarketinvestor supermarketinvestor Apr 2, 2003 3:39 PM Flag

    Did anyone notice

    You my friend are spending too much time watching Fox.
    You remind me off those Americans who screamed we had to enter Vietnam to stop the
    "Domino Theory".
    "We were bigger, badder, and we had the moral responsibility to stop the spread of communism"

    In reality it was about control of the Rubber plantation and the fact that there is lot of money to be paid in graft and kick backs to those in power when our government buys weapons.
    When in 5 years we have suicide bombs and snipers all across our country you will be wondering how we got there and my guess is you will probably not have a clue.
    I did not see Rumfeld, Cheney or Bush in Vietnam when I was there. Just a lot of Vietnamese telling be to go home and let them work out their own problems.

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