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  • jmcchen jmcchen Mar 26, 2006 2:38 PM Flag

    INFA survied IBD 100 membership test

    And clsoe same price as last week? what does it eman for nex week? Let me explain why it will go up next week? Why it is down last week even after IBD 100 inclusion. Per IBD, INFA just tested 50 day MA friday again but yet close above it and stayed in IBD 100. TLast week INFA stochastic at high 80 yet this week stochastic at 20 which suggests why last week it is down and next week it will go up. Get it?

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    • 1) INFA tested the 50-day SMA all week. It actually closed below it on Thursday. 2) Stochastic was not "last week" at "High 80" on INFA on any daily time frame, the one most commonly looked at. {It was on an hourly time frame during three of the first four days of the week BEFORE last. 3) On Friday of last week the Stochastic broke above 20 with a positive crossover. It's the crossover with divergence that suggests something. 4) Stochastic crossovers should be looked at as more of an "alert" if you're looking at more than a day trade. You need to find some other indicator, like a Moving Average crossover as confirmation of the bullsih move, or the reversal.

      The real clue to me has nothing to do with IBD. On Thursday last week, INFA touched a 3-way confluence of trend line support near $14.28, and close on a candlestick "Doji" signaling a defensive stand by "bulls" and a potential turning point in the stock. It was followed by a strong up day on Friday (before IBD could even comment on the "testing" of 50-day SMA.) Today, INFA opened the day on a small "window" (candlestick term for small "gap" up) on low volume. In candlesticks you should always "go with the gap" until given a reason to do otherwise (but don't chase a big gap on high volume if not already in the stock.)

      That's your lesson for the month. The rest you must learn from your own desire.

    • Why do you make statements out of questions and questions out of statements?

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