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  • brw_going_tits_up brw_going_tits_up Dec 28, 2001 12:14 AM Flag


    Reasons not to invest in BRW:

    1. No viable managed network services
    2. No viable VPN services
    3. No data colocation facilities left ( oops )
    4. Poor peering relationships
    5. Horrible treatment of employees
    6. Clueless salesforce
    7. Poor customer support ( unless your dropping huge coin or know a VP or above or blew bongs with senior management. )
    8. Doesn't pay bills to it's vendors ( Cisco, Nortel, Juniper, etc. )
    9. No branding within the industry.
    10. Horrible fortune 1000 market share.
    11. Understaffed support.
    12. Horrible hiring practices ( Frat boys, lovers, in-laws ).
    13. Horrific internal systems ( Billing, HelpDesk, circuit tracking, customer care, proactive monitoring, etc. )
    14. A young, dumb and full of cum management force.
    15. Two sets of books
    16. Huge turnover ( forced and by choice ).

    Classic Broadwing:

    Let's save costs by shipping a rock to every employee with the company core values painted on it.

    Let's send our clueless salesforce to Maui and our operations slaves to Mexico.

    Let's make our employees burn all their PTO ( paid time off ), right before mass layoffs, and claim ignorance on it's true purpose ( less severance ).

    Let's cut overtime for our field operations staff and then force them to work overtime in outage situations ( unpaid ).

    Let's screw over our engineering department and see them turnover like a 5 dollar whore.

    Let's dissolve a CPE distribution group ( with over 2000! orders in the pipeline ), without a contingency plan ( duh ).

    This company bleeds misspent and unaccounted for cash and reeks with crippling ineptitude....

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