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  • panicsellerpete panicsellerpete Jun 8, 2013 7:20 PM Flag

    Why Is CBW Telling Their Core Subscribers To Go To Metro PCS For $60 Unlimited Talk, Text and Data

    Last quarter subscribers dropped from 446,000 to 385,000. A few more quarters like that and CBW will cease to exist. Being a concerned shareholder. I called the customer service department and then ended up with the retention department to find out what Cincinnati Bell was doing to retain what few subscribers they had left. Having more then one account. I called with an account that I've had for 8 or 9 years.

    The plan is an outdated plan. The phone on that plan is a simple outdated phone. As is the plan it's on. I wanted to update the phone to a smart phone. Maybe the new HTC One or new Z10. Because the phone was an old outdated flip phone ( Refurbish ) I had picked up on the way out of town. I was under a two year agreement for a phone that at best is worth $10 or $20 on Craig s list. I forget what it would cost if I canceled. Maybe $240 or so.

    I wanted to get an upgrade to the HTC One! After first quoting me $699 for the HTC we spent another hour on the phone trying to work out a cost effective plan that would go with the phone! I asked the CS Rep if there was any flexibly as I had been with them for 9 years? He put me on hold several times and tried his hardest but he said " His Hands Were Tied " and the best he could do would be a plan that was over $100 per-month for 2 G's of Data plus taxes. Plus the cost of the phone.

    After that, It explained why CBW has had such a HUGE CHURN of subscribers in the last quarter. I asked the CS Rep if there was another carrier that he knew of that offered Smart Phones and a affordable plan to go with them? He said " Well MetroPCS Offer's Unlimited Talk-Text And Data For $60 Per-Month " . Enough said! I thanked him for his time and effort and I'm moving over to MetroPCS. Again. It's no wonder CBB stock sits at $3 a share. Do they have a Marketing Department with internet access? Maybe they should take a look at the competition to see what they offer? Maybe update their plans?

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