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  • sig_a sig_a Aug 30, 1999 2:33 PM Flag

    Bad then Good

    CSN will see $15 sometime within the next 60
    days. Someone please explain why CSN is a buy now. At
    the moment, cash is more valuable and less risky.
    Trade deficit is setting records each month with no end
    in sight, Dollar is weak in FX markets, LT interest
    [mortgage] rates are trending up not down, domestic
    consumers are way over their heads in debt as a result of
    overvaluation of equity retirement accounts. Who here can claim
    the economy is as strong as it was last year when the
    market crashed at the end of August. The fed fixed the
    problem with lower interest rates, but not this time.
    Best we will see is a soft landing. Interest rates
    will climb thru the first two quarters next year then
    strong reductions six months prior to presidential
    election in November. That's Greenspan's quid pro quo to
    the politicians.

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    • Just another piece of the great puzzle. I hope..

    • IXC and ETEL have a plan?

    • CSN might wish to change it's stock symbol to NCBI for Not Cincinnati Bell Inc.

    • I agree that the CSN name is a hard sell. It has a rather
      small-time feel. I certainly hope you are correct on
      your dividend reinstatement prediction too.

    • link with eNet (ETEL). This is big news. Can you
      imagine making long distance calls with internet protocol
      from your computer?! It's only a matter of time. ETEL
      up from $3 to $4 3/4 pre opening; IIXC unchanged
      just waiting for smart folks like you to figure out
      that within 3 months you will have a powerhouse with
      the combined CSN. A name change for the combined
      company to better reflect where they are going, and a
      roadshow to sell the whole thing are imminent. Enjoy!

    • Gilder, as usual, says it all: "The bandwidth
      glut is not a threat to the Telecosm, it is the basis
      for it. It's not the glitch in the business plan, it
      is the business plan." Worth the $295 p.a. just

    • SIG, My position on business demand for data-com
      service is neither just CSN or IXC. It's the whole
      industry. Present resources in the ground are totally
      inadequate to meet aggregate bandwidth requirements. If you
      are a big city resident (NY, LA, Chicago, etc..) Do
      not use local observations to make judgements since
      major business centers are running red line. I have
      personal experience trying to get Metromedia, NFN, AT&Tand
      Bell Atlantic to provide big bandwidth solutions and
      getting 4-6 month lead time estimate from all players.
      It's the interstate route that are starting to get
      pressed. Chicago to St. Louis to Raliegh to Atlanta are
      the future issues. Watch for backbones being laid
      through cow pasture. There are a couple of industry pubs
      which, while a boring read, will make one appreciate the
      scope of this issue. OK.. predictions .. 1st a name
      change, "Cinncinatti Anything" is a hard sell outside of
      the region. 2nd is reinstatement of the dividend. 1st
      happens before Y2K. 2nd happend before 1/1/01. I like
      your analogy to the railroads.

    • Thanks for the info. I didn't see that particular release.

    • The company has already stated that they are
      looking for a new name for the merged company. I believe
      that was in the press release after the merger was
      announced or in one after it. They will keep the Cincinnati
      Bell name for their properties in the Cincinnati area,
      because they have a well known and respected brand name
      in the region, but they will have a new name for the
      merged properties and the holding company.

    • I think jettison may be an overstatement; CSN
      still maintains a substantial interest in Convergys. I
      think also that the stock price could fall to just
      below 17 when one measures the ratio of the buyout 2.1
      CSN for evey IXC; at current levels this makes IXC
      more appealing as one can pick up a nearly twenty
      percent premium on the exchange; once the acquisition is
      complete watch CSN rise.

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