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  • le_pupi le_pupi May 25, 2000 10:11 AM Flag

    YeeeHaaaa! What a buyer's market!

    I got myself another 1000 shares of spct this am
    at $15.5 and I feel GGGrrrrreeeaaaaat! SHorties,
    lets see you match my gains. A quiz for your brain
    cell: Tell me who will make the most, a short dropping
    to 1/2 price or a long doubling? I'll give you an
    hour before I'll help you.

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    • Company Earnings P/Es

      HLIT .99 38
      .93 23
      AFCI 3.37 12
      IFCI .29 44
      PWAV .45
      PLXT .42 50
      DPAC .13 44
      DIGL .37 129

      -.56 -23

    • boy. You should wait to buy more of this garbage
      at 5, where it belongs. Why not get a job flipping
      burgers, you're intellectually capable of that. OnePoop,
      you still haven't told me where to find the 10-K you
      referred to. Maybe, I missed it.

      • 2 Replies to snapper_jones
      • we all know that you miss just about all of it
        all the time (I guess that's why your shoes always
        smell like P 2). You have again defined yourself by
        thinking $15,500 is a "big" amount. Geez, get real please
        or get some help! When will you learn that the
        reason you have so little money is because you invest
        like a dumb-ass. If you would only shut your trap and
        listen what others have to say, you would learn
        something and improve your lot.
        Shorting spct at this
        stage is just plain dumb (listen and learn!). Lets
        examine what you are thinking: You hope spct will go down
        from 15 to 5 and your 100 short shares will yield you
        $1000, right? While you hope this, everybody that makes
        a living out of in-depth review of a company's
        financial future/outlook as well as spct's historic
        financial performance (especially the past 9 months) point
        to the price overwhelmingly moving the other way
        (up). In other words, you think it wize to take on an
        unbound risk should the price rize, a risk which would be
        in excess of your investment (i.e your $1000),
        against all commonly available information and expert
        opinion, where conversely, you would take PRACTICALLY ZERO
        RISK in a long position with an unbound profit
        potential (near zero risk assuming you did not have to
        borrow your $1000 where short term dips could force you
        to sell at a loss)....
        Did I about sum up your
        strategy? .......
        And you expect serious investors to
        listen to your crap?

      • Position: Production Supervisor
        Type: Full

        Responsible for the
        supervision of floor activity related to New Product

        Introduction activities. Will oversee that proper procedure,
        technical task, and
        documentation and reporting are
        done. Will assist the NPI Manager in the

        preparation of product to ship to overseas volume
        manufacturing factory.
        Involved with personnel issues as
        they arise as well as a technical point of


        Minimum Requirements:
        High school or higher
        3 or more years in a production environment, 2
        years in a Supervisory capacity
        Experience with
        electronics packaging, RF equipment/products, and working

        with remote manufacturing sites
        organizational, database (spreadsheet), reporting, and
        Ability to motivate and train staff to
        get the job done and to quality

        IInterest in continuous improvement and
        process/system enhancement
        Willing to be hands-on in
        troubleshooting and resolving technical issues