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  • daveyw43 daveyw43 Nov 19, 2004 10:43 AM Flag

    No Volume

    Where did the day traders go? This is on track to be the lowest vol. since earnings. Strange on the heels of yesterday.

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    • "I'm going to render a guess
      that it won't go down to 26 as there seem to be a lot of longs quite happy with its normal
      gradual rise, as well as a rather large
      number of buyers now in at 31 to 37.50.
      Both are looking at 50 by Christmas, and
      I think they will be hard to shake out."

      Back from Vegas. No gambling because I
      hate the odds. Glad to see
      our little lady on the rise as I bought in
      high first time. Anyone care to give
      a newbie props, feel free.

      Go Elos!!!!!

      Do Good Deeds

    • I'm not against it, just stating that there is existing regulation and the fines/convictions associated with it may not be worth the risk for many

    • We still live in a mom and pop era somewhat. Just ask a restaurant where they know you.

      The person I read about did this. He got it from a place he eats at all the time. Whats a little used cooking oil snuk out the door going to hurt eh?

      Would be a pretty cool way to power your car though.

    • Yes, I agree they would, but I am sure most localities have regulations concerning the proper disposal of that cooking oil. I am certain that it is considered a hazardous waste as it is in upstate NY (when I lived there).

    • im obsessed at this stage. I have big plans and i feel like im always running out of time.

    • Thanks.

      You really don't sleep, do you?

    • Last time I read those conversion kits only worked for diesel cars but there may be others that work for unleaded.

      Tons of restaurants use cooking oil to deep fry. They pay to have the stuff hauled away. Just approach your neighborhood eateries and ask them if you can take some away.

      I imagine they will be very happy to have you take it off their hands.

    • Well, although there aren't many posts on this board, they certainly have great

      I'm going to render a guess
      that it won't go down to 26 as there seem to be a lot of longs quite happy with its normal
      gradual rise, as well as a rather large
      number of buyers now in at 31 to 37.50.
      Both are looking at 50 by Christmas, and
      I think they will be hard to shake out.
      We'll see. If it goes to 26 I will be a
      very unhappy monkey.

      Going to search for converters on epilot.

      Now where would someone actually be able
      to buy used cooking oil? Doesn't McDonalds
      use it forever before throwing it out?

      We are definately headed for a melt down
      and people who just bought into real estate
      this past year will be stuck for quite a while. Even if they have a fixed, which
      many don't, who is going to want to pony
      up a higher price with higher interest
      rates during such uncertainty.
      It is period to be lean and mean and divest
      oneself of every expense that isn't absolutely
      necessary. Anybody want to adopt a couple of
      dogs? They have a lot of personality.

      To bring up another subject, we
      are spending millions of dollars on drugs
      that manage to keep patients alive just for
      a couple of more months, and I will tell you
      right now, after watching a friend die of
      cancer, in hospital, at 33, she would have
      been much better off, doing wheatgrass,
      liver, colon and kidney cleanses, and if
      she were still to die, it would have been done with dignity and humanity at home and
      not with monstrous procedures that made
      her unrecognizable as well as giving her unending pain and leaving her loved ones
      with an astronomical hospital bill. If we don't start understanding how
      the human body can heal itself, and start taking our power back from the AMA and the FDA then we are looking at a mountain of medical bills as we baby boomers start
      exiting this planet.

      Enough for now. Can't talk too much about
      the economy. Just need to rant on what
      I know. Going to Vegas where I absolutely refuse to gamble as it seems too risky.
      Looking forward to reading great posts when
      I get back as I will just be doing a quick
      look in while away.

      Happy Thanksgiving vacations to all.
      Keep safe.

      Go Elos,Incx!!!

      Do Good Deeds.

    • Haha a lot to respond to.

      I study the markets all the time now. I have been trading since 2000 and doing it full time since 2002.

      I have sold out my position in ELOS which I started at 20. I did not sell it out because I am bearish on the stock I moved money out of it to put it into a different idea.

      I wouldnt buy ELOS here for only one reason. You need to discover ideas before everyone else has. 20 was the last great entry point for ELOS.

      Sure it may TZOO but it may not. I would consider it a solid hold but that is not my current investment style.

      All this being said I may very well re enter ELOS this week.

      Keep learning and be cautious, it takes a very long time to reach the novice level.

      You are correct to buy and sell what you know. I bought a ton of URBN in early 2003 and I only just sold most of the position.

      Just like you I went into the store, I got to know their workings and I had long conversations with a regional manager. After that I purchased URBN with 20% of my folio and let it run for a very long time.

      Keep doing that. Buy and sell what you understand.

      Here is a quick summary of energy. Currently demand is huge and supply is low. Our refining capacity is maxed out so we can only make so much. The saudis only have heavy sour extra capacity which we cant refine. China needs energy like mad and other emerging nations do as well. It will take years for new projects to start contributing to world supply.

      Currently supply has a 1% margin on demand. Thats the narrowest its been ever.

      Its all much deeper than this but thats a decent summary. I prefer natural gas companies over oil but I like both. I wont even get into the stuff about iraq pricing oil in euros and being the only nation in the world that did that. You figure that one out.

      Oh by the way you can buy those cooking oil converters for about 800 bucks. From what I hear they are fantastic.

    • They're all over at incx.
      This lady has legs.
      We'll be fine.
      Just need a day or two.

      Do Good Deeds

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