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  • dseigel Jan 23, 2013 5:54 PM Flag


    Great earnings, wonderful news and these jokers present it as if someone died. Hey guys, trying showing the world that you're happy. That your hard work has produced incredible results that are you are uncontrollably delighted with. Because that energy is what gets people excited. All these executive should take a communications course, an acting class, whatever, to learn how to sound vital and confident. Because, I'll be honest, listening to that earnings calls, I'd think twice about buying a pizza from these guys. And it's a shame because they make greet pizza. Does every earnings call need to sound like a funeral? I wrote and produced sitcoms for thirty years. Every year you have to sit down with all sorts of people in media, networks, advertisers, p.r. firms, etc. and get them jacked up for your show, the seasons arc, and then you had to go write the shows and deliver. There is something to be said for putting on a show. Not presenting great news as an apology. The only things these guys have to apologize for is sound apologetic. WORK ON IT!!!

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    • You are right. In general conference calls should be video and not audio, and they should be presented in a musical revue format with the CEO and CFO providing us the quarterly results through specially choreographed dance and song routines.

    • Pardon my possible lack of knowledge, but...

      How would there enthusiasm and being upbeat translate to the stock going up??

      I'm not saying you are wrong, but educate me, even though the answer might be obvious.


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      • dseigel Jan 23, 2013 6:33 PM Flag

        If they are not enthusiastic about their own results why should anyone else be? That call was heard and will be heard by many people: brokerage houses, institutions, and interested people like you and me who may own or want to own a few shares; people will be listening to not merely the tangible aspects of the business but the intangible aspects. Were you taken in by what you heard? If you had to recommend this stock or another stock to a client where the tangibles were equal it might come down to an intangible, such as how enthusiastic are these guys about their own business? There's a lot to be said for energy, for showmanship. Steve Jobs is gone. But, equal to a brilliant innovator, he was a brilliant showman. A lot has gone on with this company. A change in leadership, loads of insider selling. If ever there was a time to bedazzle and change the minds of doubters, this was it. Did they rise they to the occasion? No. When I hear a call like this I tend to think that maybe the reason Invensense is not in Apple products yet is because maybe they don't have the sales savvy to get themselves to that place. They clearly have the products. Why are other stocks who reported worse results than these up today in after hours trading? How does a stock acquire heat and upward momentum? How does it gain attention? It takes more than technically savvy people to survive in technology today. Without Steve Jobs, Apple wouldn't have been Apple. Without Michael Dell, Dell would not be Dell. I could go on. This company needs a mouthpiece. Someone to say "Look at us" That''s all I'm saying. Because after one year of darn good earnings they're no where. I own a lot of this stock. I think these guys need a salesman.

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