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  • gary_lee27 gary_lee27 Mar 1, 2013 4:00 PM Flag

    Apple and Invensense contract win

    Just outta curiousity, how much added revs do people expect from the iphone 6 and ipad? Guessing exactly when the iphone 6/ipad comes out is just too speculative but how much the apple contract add to top line and bottom line is the question. Quarterly and Yearly ... Anbody?

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    • Could be 200-300mm per annum in revenues.

    • Is this an expectation? I was under the impression that INVN supplying Apple was still just speculation. I certainly dont see it built into the PPS at this level. Idk about numbers but I would think AAPL would add an extra 20% to revs if this was the case. Maybe that number is off...

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      • Yes, expectation over speculation. Here's an example ... Speculation - Samsung Galaxy S4 out sells Apple Iphone 6 (Revenues based on 365 days after initial luanch). This is just based on how the Iphone 5 disappointed many, sold less than consensus estimate vs. the Samsung S3 accelerating sales and closing the gap between Iphone 5, etc, etc, etc. That's speculating ... or just guessing. Expectations - INVN CEO specifically stated TWICE ... once at the CES conference in January and two conference calls ago that he "expects to provide sensor chips to all top tier phonemakers this year." Two things here buddy, in my humblest opinion, most people would consider Apple Computers as a *top tier* phonemaker and the CEO himself EXPECTS to be in ALL top tier phonemakers. So ... yes ... if the CEO expects to win Apple ... so do I ... and given they have expanded capacity by times 2 ... from 300 million units to 600 million units ... I certainly don't need some Baird analyst to put 2 n 2 together on my behalf ... I can SEE what's brewing in the kitchen by smell, not by sight.

        While it's not fun to see my golden boy INVN get b*tch slapped by shorts and spineless longs ... I'm pretty sure I'll be grinning ear to ear when that new iphone 6 debuts later this year.

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