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  • gary_lee27 gary_lee27 Mar 13, 2013 3:59 PM Flag

    Galaxy S4 - 10 mil units a month?

    Samsung said they expect to sell 10 mil units a month? LOL ... I like their imagination but that seems like a stretch ... but if they did ... and the S4 goes on sale beginning of April ... how are calendar q2 estimates only a couple million more than calendar q1 sales? What kinda gorilla math is going on here? Something is very off here ... anybody run their numbers yet? Or too busy crying about today or tomorrow's price? Where's that CA90210 or whatever guy? Please chime in and give me your take on this subject matter.

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    • Yep estimates are for pretty flat Q2 over Q1. Re S4 sales estimates yeah I've seen those elsewhere too. Lets see the specs tomorrow. What will be key to understand is how many different S4 variants do Samsung plan for this product cycle and which ones has InvenSense won. Last time for the S3 there were at least 4 variants, an LTE version with Qualcomm AP+baseband which contained the 6050 which was sold in NA. An international variant that was 3G with Samsung Exynos AP with an Intel baseband, which STM won, a South Korean variant, again with an Samsung AP and their internal LTE baseband, no idea who won the gyro/accel in that, and a Chinese variant which also supported TD-SCDMA for China Mobile which I don't recall the details on, need to look them up.

      There was some chatter about a dual-sim S3 for China and maybe other markets, that was due out before long, no idea on the specs of that. The video of S4 that some places have is a dual-sim variant which means we should possibly expect another variant if true, or maybe they will merge some of these variants.

      We should also look out for any leading edge tech which might cause a bottleneck like last year when the 28nm node caused supply shortages.

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      • That 28nm issue in 2012 was a disaster for INVN. It seemed like it was a never ending event that kept their numbers down for awhile. Anyways ... I'm reading 6 variants for this S4. I'm just gunna wait until tonight and see for myself then. The speculation and the anticipation is just killing me. I'm hoping whatever variant INVN wins, I hope that region gets launched first to maximize the sales until the S4 replacement next year. Thanks for your response.

    • Why you think that 10 mil a month is a stretch? Samsung has huge following in Asia and there isn't any new HOT phone out there. All are same IMO. If Samsung is so bullish about S4, they must have something new which can start a completely new following. Will have better idea tomorrow after watching the product n reading the specs. They've been right on the mark so far.

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      • I think the S3 sales are somewhere in the 6 mil units per month range. Or something very close to that. 10 mil units per month is like 60% plus increase ... very ambitious ... maybe too ambitious BUT i don't think it's impossible. I certainly hope they sell 10 mil units a month! The calendar q2 estimates must be old ... or the 10 mil units per month is too high ... something is just very off ... lets just assume they sell 20 to 30 mil S4's in calendar q2 2013. They would CRUSH current Wall Street estimates by a mile ... that's all i'm saying brutha ... nothing more ... nothing less

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