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  • glassnost glassnost Mar 21, 2013 10:07 PM Flag

    Nice after hours pump job by Motley Fool Blog

    Motley Fool has been hyping INVN since its IPO as one of two or three stocks with the
    greatest potential and it is still where it was at that time.

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    • nobody listens to motley fool. No stock trades based on anything the motley fool has to say. The stock is up because its been hammered for no material reason the past few trading sessions.

    • While Motley Fool keeps hyping this stock management is not listening selling shares left at right even in the $11 level; people need to get of the buzz and put their thinking caps on--does one keep unloading an asset that is expected to rise sharply.

      No trace, SO FAR, of INVN in the new Samsung Phone; buzz is that STMicorelectronics and its subsidiary , ST-Ericsson have many components inside. Give me proof that I am wrong and I wil eat crow.

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      • oh yea... that's why the ST-Ericsson venture is cutting 1600 jobs. Because they won the Samsung slot... oh yea... makes perfect sense! In the meanwhile INVN is tripling production... yea... STM-Ericcson...they're doing great!!!
        Go back yo your hole! Nothing has changed since their last CC other that the US district court laughing at STM for being so desperate! desperate suit after desperate suit. INVN has 2 counter how awesome would it be for PPS if news came out that STM got debunked and lost a suit to INVN. then Apple business win... wow. mixing in a little fantasy here... haha. It can happen!!!

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      • loaded big early today. I'm glad to accept the gif from the generous shorts and the weak hands that jumped on their train.

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      • INVN way way oversold....loading up here even if it bounces a little higher....anything under $11 is a gift!

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      • you are wrong ST -Ericson is done BK finite ST is not in good shape..

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      • there is no indication that is NOT in the s4. why in the world would you change gears after such a success. stm and invn will both share in the chips supply as they have in the past. this board is filled with shorts which tells me its time to buy. all tears down of the s4 have been virtual so there are no facts. I've never seen this much negative speculation. good luck

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