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  • jmfnyc99 jmfnyc99 Apr 18, 2013 10:37 AM Flag

    Dear Longs:

    Awfully quiet here considering the bath or tumble.

    Are you longs jumping ship or just waiting for earnings or what?

    Anyone have anything to offer? I need someone to pat me on the head and say, relax, it'll be back to 12 by May 3rd, or something like that.

    Has the story changed?? Does it turn out that our hopes of getting into Samsung went up in smoke, hence heading for the exits?

    The company never says or does anything except sell stock on the inside. Motley Fool has been quiet.

    And those longs that posted here frequently have been silenced?

    Sorry, I'm overextended, know I should not be, but it is what it is...I watch the stock too closely. I know.

    Good to see it's bounced back from $9.47 up to $9.61, good.

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    • paul.kelly100 Apr 22, 2013 11:25 AM Flag

      I feel you... I'd like to see 14 again... Bottom line is that INVN is making money and had huge upside. Unfortunately the time to make $ on this stock is at earnings. The reason of the decline is because of all the negative STM lawsuit news, current market and all of the shorts. If I had more $, I'd be buying more shares! I'm looking forward to earnings! Shorts will get squeezed soon! lol

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    • I'm still long with the same amount of shares I had a couple months ago. I even put in a buy order yesterday in the very low 9's, but it didn't execute. I don't have too much to say, just waiting for the earnings release in order to get some clarity. Still have in the back of my mind that Invensense was requested to increase capacity. Hoping to find out which customer that was.

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    • Agree with everything rzkeller has posted.

      This trend is very very disappointing ... we did not get the gains when the market went up and are getting smacked when it is going down. However, I am now convinced that the short attack was on the entire smart phone industry and not just INVN. AAPL, Samsung, CRUS, and many other suppliers have provided this misery company. PEs for all of these stocks are ridiculously low and keeps getting lower. Don't know when we stabilize, but I think this whole industry needs to find a base, before the leg up. Considering the damage done, I now think it will be a slow process for the multiples to increase.

    • I understand your frustration. I think the longs like myself are quiet because they are waiting to have their day. It has not been a fun ride for longs and our ongoing optimism claiming "just wait" has failed to show up in the stock price.

      That being said, here's why I still think none of that matters:

      1) Nobody is claiming that we are not in Apple
      2) Nobody has said that we are not in Samsung
      3) Nobody has said we are liable to STM
      4) Nobody has said we won't hit earnings
      5) Nobody has said the movement is away from motion sensors or tablets/smartphones/smart tvs
      6) Nobody has said we are losing deals to the competition
      7) Stock price has gone down mostly on low volume indicating a lack of demand due to uncertainty rather than a sprint to sell from institutions
      8) Piper Jaffray (the top rated analyst following us) still has us listed as their favorite small cap for 2013 with a price target of $27
      9) Apple, mid-tier smartphones, wearable devices continue to be significant opportunities just to name a few

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